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The best Weapons of all my opinion.

Not every hero or villan is has super-powers or mutant abilities. That's why they got weapons. In this list, I have added the wepons that I myself consider to be the best and coolest.

1. Genie's Lamp

3 wishes, people! You can't wish for someone's death, but you can always wish for any weapon aswell as an awesome musical number followed by a massive parade.

2. Death Note

As long as you know somebody's name, you can use this weapon anytime, anywhere. All you need is a pencil and a twisted mind.

3. Voodoo Doll

This doll of evil would have surpassed the Death Note (since you don't need to know someones name, only how they look.), but the problem is that most of the voodoo dolls only causes pain and no damage.

4. Missiles

When all else fails: Nuke it!

5. BFG

One shot, and everything in sight will be reduced to ashes.

6. Stands

An almost unstoppable manifestation of your soul and power will probably kill most of your enemies... just pray that your opponent doesn't have a stronger stand!

7. Core Drill

Go out and Pierce the heavens.

8. Devil Fruit

Have a bite and gain a random superpower.

9. Omnitrix

Congrats! You can now turn into some of the most powerfull aliens in the universe.

10. Stone Mask

The object that turned Dio Brando into was he is now.

11. Kalina Ann

Probably the only bazooka with a giant bayonet.

12. Freak Chips

Chips made out of the remains of one of Draculas victims. Simply ask a nazi scientist to stitch this into you and you will be able to have some of Draculas powers.

13. Millennium Rod

Possess people and make them bow before you, before you stab tem in the head with this rod. WARNING: Make sure that they are named Steve before using it against them!

14. Automail

Who needs limbs when you can have mechanic bodyparts that can be built in any form?

15. Beam Katana

If it's good enough for Travis Touchdown, Jedi and Sith, then it's good enough for you!

16. Helena's Nail

Let's hope you're ready to sacrifice your humanity for this.

17. Rumble Ball

One overdose of these will turn you into a raging abomination of doom. Use only as a last resort.

18. Harkonnen II

"Oh f@ck, that an anti-tank rifle...OH F@CK, THAT'S AN ANTI.TANK RIFLE!!" -Abridged Jan Valentine.

19. Harkonnen

"Give that b@£ch a cannon! B@£ches love cannons!" -Abridged Alucard.

20. Punisher

It's a giant cross with machineguns and a rocket launcher. Do I really have to say anything else about this?!

21. Jackal

This gun, wielded by the lord of vampires himself, will turn any undead into dust and any human into piles of gore.

22. Ebony & Ivory

It's the guns used by Dante. 'nuff said.

23. Casull

A vampire hunters best to the Jackal, that is...

24. Millennium Ring

The perfect choise for anybody who wants to summon horrid beasts from cardgames and rip out souls.

25. Submachine Gun (SMG)
26. Uzi

It's like the 9mm, but smaller and faster.

27. 9mm Machine Gun

Drive-by's, assassinations, robberies and mass killings. This wepon does it all.

28. Millennium Puzzle

Completing this puzzle gives you puberty, intelligence and the power to litteraly crush peoples minds!

29. Sword Cutlass

A custom made 9mm pistol used by Revy.

30. Revolver

Would have earned a higher spot on the list if it wasn't for the long reload time. Still a great wepon in the West.

31. SPAS 12 Shotgun

One of the best shotguns there is.

32. M870 Shotgun

A good old shootgun, ready to blast anything close to you.

33. Mangaka Pen

A picture can say more than a thousand words... and the ink makes the pen deadlier.

34. Gantz Sword

A sword that can grow over 30 feet?! count me in!

35. Rebellion

Add some demon blood to this sword and you got yourself a beast of a weapon.

36. Kokuto Yoru

It's a massive sword shaped like a cross and it is used by Dracule Mihawk. One of the few things that can make christianity look awesome.

37. Funkfreed

You know that you're made of win when you have a sword that turns into a sword-elephant!

38. Excalibur

Pull it out of that rock, weild it and you will become the king of England.

39. Clima-Tact

A detachable staff with 3 parts that will turn you into a god of weather aswell as a great entertainer for birthday parties.

40. BFS

The Katana might be good, but it is nothing but a sharp twig compared to the Big F€$@ing Sword!

41. Dragonslayer

You can't go wrong with an armor-cutting sword that is bigger than most people.

42. Zangetsu

What's better than a katana? A BIG Katana used by Death Gods!

43. Gunblade

Sword + gun = epic. Do the math!

44. Long Sword

Sephiroth... that is all.

45. Zanpakutou

What is better than a katana? A Katana used by Death Gods!

46. Shusui

If Death Knights had katanas, this is what they would look like.

47. Yamato

Virgil's Katana. Great speed along with some magic.

48. Sword of Light
49. Tetsusaiga

A massive sword used by a half-demon. Easily consealed in a small cover.

50. Sandai Kitetsu

You would look really awesome with this sword if you could wield it with your mouth.

Destinyheroknighton Oct. 2, 2010 at 5:48 p.m.

Hey why Sword Of Light is 45?
Soranthemanon Oct. 3, 2010 at 1:49 a.m.
....I don't know. I have never seen Slayers so I don't know mutch about it. I just added it because it looked cool.
Toxin45on March 13, 2012 at 3:43 p.m.

You know you could have add Helena's Nail and Casull with the rest of Hellsing Weapons.

bigz007on Jan. 10, 2013 at 12:03 a.m.

Musica Sword

how about this one?

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