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If you ask me, the most awesome name I have ever seen a guy have in any anime is "Sol Badguy" from Guilty Gear. 
Does anybody else know of some other awesome names out there in the sea of asian animation?
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I wonder if there is anybody out there who is willing enough to go through the work of bringing back the beloved WTF-Wednesday. I miss seing all the cross-overs and cosplayers that gave us both things to awe at and to laugh at.
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....I don't know. I haven't seen many gods in anime. 
But what oppinion do you guys have? Let me know.
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As far as I'm concerned, there is only one anime that can even come close to how bad STK is. And that anime is called "Beauty and Beast".  A movie so bad that the back of the box reveals more about the movie than what the movie reveals. It's that bad. If you guys know anything that is anything nearly as bad as these 2, let me know.
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I would love to see an anime about Freddy Mercury ( even though there is a character based of him) or Muhammed Ali. It would have been great.
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