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I remembered to come over here because I was on comicvine looking at characters Disney should adapt like Big Hero 6... I was like 'wait dont they have an anime site too'
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Favorite Characters (●´∀`●)

I made a list about a year ago, but I deleted it because I don't feel the same at aaaaalllll ahaha

Don't even watch anime that much, but still! Last year, this list was comprised of fangirl favorites and moe blobs. This time around it seems to be full of rude/manly characters ??? My tastes have changed... I used to like girly anime guys, but now I'm in love with Big Boss from MGS (that is QUITE a change ┐(‘~`;)┌. )

Well, whatever, let's see what kind of characters next year will hold..?

1. Utena Tenjou

My most recent anime, I'm actually still watching... I feel like I identify with Utena really well.

2. Kneesocks
3. Kiyomasa Senji

Dead center, man.

4. Lyuze

You can never really tell what's up with this one...

5. Tieria Erde

He's a loser... but a cute loser. I remember I wanted to like, marry him.

6. Michiko Malandro
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