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Welcome to Winter Watch, a look at the latest anime season. The Ano Natsu de Matteru story comes to an end... I promised myself I wasn't going to cry!

Episode 12: Waiting There, in the Summer
Summary: Some unexpected allies have joined the cause to help Ichika and Kaito, and they pack firepower. But if Ichika and Kaito make it to the spot in her dreams, what will they do then?
Air Date: Mar. 28, 2012 / Available on Crunchyroll for Free Users: Apr. 4, 2012
Run Time: 23:42

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We suggest you watch the episode HERE first. Afterwards, come back here and share your thoughts.


I am going to limit my episode recap to very ambiguous terms so that I don't spoil anything. In the previous episode, things began to heat up as Ichika's friends continue to help her against the pods that had come to take her away. The group separated so that they could deal with an interstellar crisis of their own. That's not all, Remon's mysterious past is revealed as well as who Manami Ogura's husband is. Kanna goes on running on foot until she finds Tetsuro's sister and rides away in her car. Mio and Tetsuro hit are stumped when thier motorcycle is out of gas. The chase continues for everyone except Remon as she pulls off ways to fight off the alien ship. At the same time, Ichika and Kaito search of the link that proves aliens have roamed the Earth before so that she can stay. Sadly, they don't exactly find what they were looking for...


The anime's creators were very smart about the ending. You get a happy ending, but at the same time you get a tragic ending, but at the same time you get a surprise ending. If you followed the series all on through, like I did, then you can tell that this finale catered to every single type of person. It isn't until the last two episodes that we get to see so much action and drama combined. The animation was great and the performance of the animators and voice actors was perfect. Rinon, as usual, played an amazing part in the resolution of the show's events. I also liked how some of the things I speculated -like the series' connection to Onegai Teacher!- were never confirmed but were left up to interpretation. If you have not watched this episode, be sure to stick around for the scene after the credits.


Specifically speaking about this episode, I think it wrapped up the previous episode's cliffhanger quite nicely. From the moment that this began to the final scene in the credits, my expression showed glee. I love positive progression and this series demonstrated just that. It started off as a hit/miss anime, but ended as one of my favorite anime ever. Thank you Tatsuyuki Nagai and Yosuke Kuroda for such an amazing and entertaining ride.

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