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Welcome to Winter Watch, a look at the latest anime season. The Ano Natsu de Matteru story continues threatening the happy ending of the two protagonists.

Episode 11: Don't Go Senpai
Summary: Emika is on Earth to take Ichika home. Ichika has broken many interstellar laws and things get worse the longer she stays on Earth. Can Kaito go with her? Can Ichika stay on Earth? Can anybody stop Emika from taking her home?
Air Date: Mar. 23, 2012 / Available on Crunchyroll for Free Users: Mar. 28, 2012
Run Time: 23:43

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We suggest you watch the episode HERE first. Afterwards, come back here and share your thoughts.


Positive progression. That's the best way to describe what this show has successfully achieved. After the romantic resolutions we got to see in previous episodes, we finally get to see an extraterrestrial climax. Ichika's sister, Emika, has arrived on Earth to take Senpai away. The distress signal that Rinon sent out while the group was in Okinawa caused more trouble than any of them could imagine. Emika explained that a rescue team of drones would try and take her back to her home planer because of all the interstellar laws she has broken. This means that she andKaito, her human boyfriend, will have to be separated.

My Favorite Part
My Favorite Part

Mio, Tetsuro, Kanna, Remon and even Emika decide to go up against this outer space police in order for Kaito and Ichika to stay together. How? Well, you have to watch the episode to understand that! The whole odyssey is connected to that place that Ichika came to find in the first place. With no time to loose, the group of friends set out to search for the place and succeed. The only problem is that Rinon can no longer teleport them. This leads to a car chase of epic proportions as Remon tries to outrun a spaceship, and Ichika's friends attempt to cloak her bio-signature by using themselves as bait!

Remon Has Most of the Driver's Licences
Remon Has Most of the Driver's Licences

This might shock everyone, but throughout the whole series I rooted for Mio and Tetsuro to be together. Asking Mio on a date while you're on the verge of dying at the hands of an interstellar rescue drone is probably the best thing Tetsuro has ever done. That was definitively my favorite part. Before I write the next sentence, I want to assure people I have not seen the final episode yet. I have a new theory about Remon. In the past, she told Manami that she was forever seventeen. In Please Teacher!, Kei Kusanagi and Ichigo Morino both had a medical condition called standstill that prevented them from aging. Maybe Remon has the same condition. Is it possible that Remon has some tie to Kei or Ichigo that would explain her knowledge about Ichika's immigration status?. Plus, what the heck was up with that van she was driving?!


The creators of this anime have done a great job to make characters I actually care for. The relationships that have been established are great and are actually the highlight of most of the episodes. In this case it is also true. Even with two spaceships/rescue pods attempting to "abduct" our female protagonist, the best parts were the tidbits of bonding between this cast. Sadly, this anime is closely coming to an end and I can't wait to watch the next and final episode!

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