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I got this $10,000 MXN grant to go to the top music school in Latin America (Fermatta) after I auditioned singing Give Me a Reason by P!nk!
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This weekend the highly anticipated Summer Wars movie is opening in more cities than it had been announced before.  

Here's the information just as FUNimation posted it on their blog: 

Boston, MA – Museum of Fine Arts

Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle Sunset 5
Austin, TX – Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
Portland, OR – Hollywood Theater
Phoenix/Tempe, AZ – Harkins Valley Art
Minneapolis, MN – St. Anthony’s Main Theater
Denver, CO – Denver Film Center Colfax
Pittsburgh, PA – Harris Theater
Santa Fe, NM – CCA Cinematheque
Greensboro, NC – Carousel Luxury Cinemas

SUMMER WARS is staying another week at the IFC Center in NYC – so it will still be playing next weekend for several shows a day.

Plus, San Francisco’s Clay Theatre will be showing it a second week!

And for you local folks, Summer Wars will playing for one week at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas starting February 4! More details to come soon.

A lot of changes for the screenings of the movie. Time to get planning! 

Source: FUNimation 
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 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Theatrical Poster
 Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance Theatrical Poster
Time to get excited EVA fans because Studio Khara's Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance () will be coming to the US. FUNimation and Eleven Arts released a joint press release announcing the theater locations for the screenings of Evangelion: 2.0. Starting on January 14th of next year the anime will be screened in different theaters across the US, and some of the locations will also be showing the anime's predecessor: Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (Evangelion Shin Gekijōban: Jo).

EVA 1.0 Jan 14-15Albuquerque, NMThe Guild Cinema 
EVA 1.0 Jan 14-20Seattle, WA Grand Illusion Cinema 
EVA 1.0 Jan 14-20 Los Angeles, CA Downtown Independent 
EVA 1.0 Jan 17-20 San Francisco, CA New People 
EVA 1.0 Jan 18 Austin, TX Alamo Lake Creek 
EVA 1.0 Jan 18-20 Denver, CO Denver Film Center/Colfax 
EVA 2.0 Jan 19 Austin, TX Alamo Lake Creek 
EVA 2.0 Jan 19-20 New York, NY Big Cinemas Manhattan 
EVA 1.0 Jan 20 (1 Show Only) Indianapolis, IN Georgetown 14 Cinemas 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-22 Anchorage, AK Bear Tooth Theater 
EVA 1.0 Jan 21-23 (Matinee)Phoenix, Tempe, AZ Valley Art Theater
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Phoenix, Tempe, AZ Valley Art Theater 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 San Francisco, CA New People 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Denver, CO Denver Film Center/Colfax 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-22 Tampa Bay, FL Clearwater Cinema Cafe 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Atlanta, GA Plaza Atlanta 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Maui, HI Maui Mall Megaplex Cinema 12 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-23 Indianapolis, IN Georgetown 14 Cinemas 
EVA 1.0 Jan 21-22 (Matinee) Kansas City, MO Screenland, Crossroads 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Kansas City, MO Screenland, Crossroads 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Greensboro, NC Crousel Luxury Cinemas 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-22 Albuquerque, NM The Guild Cinema 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 New York, NY Big Cinemas Manhattan 
EVA 1.0 Jan 21-23 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Southlake 14 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Southlake 14 
EVA 2.0 Jan 21-27 Seattle, WA Grand Illusion Cinema 
EVA 2.0 Jan 28-Feb 3 Los Angeles, CA Downtown Independent 
EVA 2.0 Jan 28-Feb 3 Portland, OR Living Room Theater 
EVA 2.0 Fab 8-11 Honolulu, HI Doris Duke Theater 
EVA 2.0 Mar 18-19 Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City Museum of Art 
EVA 1.0 TBA Tampa Bay, FL Clearwater Cinema Cafe 
EVA 2.0 TBA (1 day)Fort Lauderdale, FL Cinema Paradiso 
EVA 2.0 TBA (1 day)San Diego, CA Ultra Star Chula Vista 10 
EVA 2.0 TBA (1 day) San Diego, CA Ultra Star Mission Valley - Hazard Center 

 Source: ANN  

 -- Geo  ( sora_thekey ), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and 24/7geek!  

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Summer Wars is going to hit theaters in the US soon (Check FoxxFireArt's blog to see dates and locations) and the movie will take a dive into the internet, literally. While I was watching the trailer for this electronic adventure I realized that the look that the internet had was very familiar.
It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Digimon, and I've watched all of the series for the exception of the most recent one. The Digimon movie has a similar idea to the story of Summer Wars. A data-eating digimon goes into the internet to erase the real world's electronic data so the Digi-Destined send their digimon to the internet to fight this monster.
Take a look at how Digimon's first part of the movie ( Our War Game) internet looked like compared to that of Summer Wars': 

 Summer Wars
 Summer Wars

 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game

 Summer Wars
 Summer Wars

 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game

 Summer Wars
 Summer Wars

 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
 Digimon Adventure: Our War Game
 The Internet in Futurama
 The Internet in Futurama
Not really since Mamoru Hosoda directed both these movies. I am very excited to watch Summer Wars, but I can't help noticing a lot of parallels between the two movies. In the nine year difference that these movies have the idea of the movies is similar except for the fact that Our War Game used pre-established characters. What I'm curious about though is Hosoda's idea of the internet as a visual and physical place.
We know that anime has no limits when it comes to creativity, but this is an idea that I find very interesting and like a lot. I mean even Futurama has translated the idea in to the TV show, of course I like Hosoda's version better.
Have any of you seen other anime or TV shows that interpret the internet in an interesting manner? Or is Hosada really that original?
Source: Hosoda Wars
-- Geo  (  sora_thekey ), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and 24/7geek!  
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Mamoru Hosoda's 2009 anime movie; Summer Wars has been creating quite a buzz with the fact that this anime movie has been dubbed and will soon be released in the US. After an announcement from Anime USA, FUNimation's blog released the list of US theatrical dates for the movie. 

Summer Wars will be playing at the following cities:

Dec 3-8 Chicago,IL-  Siskel Film Center
Dec 10-16 Los Angeles, CA – AMC Covina 30 
Dec 24-30  San Francisco, CA- Landmark Bridge Theater
Dec 29-Jan 4 New York, NY- IFC Center
Jan 5-12  Boston, MA- Museum of Fine Arts
Jan 7-13 Denver, CO- Starz Film Center
Jan 7-13  Santa Fe, NM- CCA Cinematheque
Jan 14-20 Los Angeles, CA- Laemmle Sunset
Jan 21-27  Philadelphia, PA- Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
Jan 23-Feb 3 Honolulu, HI- Academy of Arts, 
Jan 28-Feb 3 Seattle, WA- Landmark Varsity

Along with GKids, FUNimation will be responsible for the distribution of this anime across theaters in the US.  

Summer Wars is about a boy's innocent summer vacation in which he spends pretending to be a classmate's boyfriend to impress her family. That summer trip becomes a fight for humanity in which the boy, Kenji, must now fight himself.   
Unfortunately for me, the theatrical release will not be at my city, and the anime itself seems like a movie I would enjoy. The good thing is that you can request for it to be shown in your favorite movie theater. Just ask your local theater to contact Gkids to arrange a showing of the movie.  
Will you be watching this movie? 
-- Geo ( sora_thekey ), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and 24/7geek!       
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Yen Press began a new talent search and everyone is eligible to participate entering a 32-page short story. 
Here's the information from Yen Press' website:   

Who is eligible: Any artist who has NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED may enter.  

What to send: Create a 32-page short story using the page parameters below (I posted the page's parameters below the full talent search information):  

Size of each page of printed digital art should be  7 inches wide  by  10-3/8 inches  tall. The live area of each page is 4-3/4 inches by 8-1/8 inches (that is, 1-1/8 inches from the edge of the page). Please keep panels and “important art” (speech bubbles, text, and art that is critical to telling your story) within this live area. As long as these proportions are maintained, you may size your pages as you wish.

You do not need to create color pages or a cover, but please include a full page title page of art with space for a title logo and your credit.

Deadline: January 3, 2011

If your submission catches our eye, you may receive a contract for publication in YEN PLUS!

Send a photocopy or printout of your completed short story and your contact info to:

Attn: New Talent Search
Yen Plus
237 Park Ave. 13-114
New York, NY 10017

The fine print: Please do not send original art as no art will be returned. We will not be able to respond or provide feedback on all inquiries. If we are interested in your submission, we will contact you. Please do not attempt to contact the editors directly. 


I'm  definitely going to give this a go, and I encourage all of you storytellers and artists to do the same. Who knows? Maybe the next Yen Press book we see will be made by one of the users from our very own site! 

What do you say Anime Vicers? Will you be submitting something?  
If you are, remember the most important rule when it comes to this business; "Have at it and have fun!".  
-- Geo  (  sora_thekey ), long time user, blogger, wiki editor of the Whiskey Media Sites, and 24/7geek!      
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