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Battles » Who could beat Hulk?

I wouldn't really consider going 2 to 3 times faster than light a MFTL feat... but that's just my opinion.

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Battles » Madara Uchiha vs Magneto

Sooo, which Mags are we talking about? I believe there's an Omega Mutant Magneto and an Alpha Magneto....

Does his helmet prevent him from getting hit by a genjutsu?

I don't think a city of buildings could hurt Madara easily even with a non fully completed Susanoo. He was able to cut about 5 mountains with his Susanoo. And his sword is literally a sword of destruction.

Don't forget about Madara being able to use the kyuubi which could blast bijuu damas.

If it's Omega Mags then I'd say he might lose, though I'm unsure since I haven't read or seen many of his feats. But I know for sure Alpha Magneto would get romped on....

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Battles » Who could beat Hulk?

My boy Kenshiro.... :D

Kamome Tsurubame (Medaka Box)

Gagamaru Chougasaki (Medaka Box) can solo Hulk in a fist to fist battle and come out unscathed.

Obito Uchiha (Naruto)

A lot of DBZ characters.

From Comics:

Batman (DC) will beat the hulk in a fist fight.

Barry Allen/Flash from (DC) will beat Hulk in a fist fight.

Superman (DC) will beat hulk in a fist fight.

Green Lantern (DC)

In AvX Hulk got punched by Dark Phoenix Scott Summer from Sydney to San Francisco or something and was knocked out cold.

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Battles » Magneto vs Cell (Post from vine)

Magneto's a total wimp! In AvX he got his butt beat by a measly Iron Man, he didn't even attempt to fight! And no, Cell is not a cyborg nor is he a so called "real" android, his body is just made up from the DNA of most of the Z warriors DNA and Frieza, so you would most likely refer him to some artificially grown being that came from a test tube. Cell was able to tank a blast from Vegeta's Final Flash which could destroy a planet. I don't see Magneto having any power of that level...yet.

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Battles » Gag Fight - Marvel Avengers VS Shonen-J Alliance

Recently Marvel Comics has rebooted their 616 universe. I believe it's now called Marvel Now.

Anyways my vote goes with Goku, Kid Buu will hands down kill Thor and Goku could have easily destroyed Kid Buu at full power.

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Battles » Kakashi vs Cyclops

Lol!! Cyclops is dead, I'll play out a scenario.

Battle starts, Cyclops fires an optic blast. Kakashi with sharingan precogs, reacts, dives underground, does kage bunshin underground, uses fake clone to fight cyclops all he does is dodge and move around and avoids optic blast. Then when Kakashi is all prepared, he lets his clone get hit by the optic blast making it seem as though he died. Cyclops takes a breather thinking he's won the fight. Suddenly his head get's kamui'd in an instant. DEATH!

Kakashi FTW!

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Battles » Thanos vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Heart of the Universe Thanos check it up and all you TTGL wankers will be amazed.

Thank you.

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Battles » Aizen's army vs Madara's army

I don't know what you've been reading but you're clearly wanking bleach a bit too much. I've read both mangas love them both, and sometimes I prefer Bleach much over Naruto but it goes without saying that Naruto verse is much more "hacks" than you think and here are some points to point out.

1. First and foremost clearly Aizen is the greatest and most likely the only threat for Madara's team. With the Hogyoku he's pretty powerful and bending some forms of reality around himself is not to be taken lightly. Aizen's reiatsu in hogyoku form is so powerful he can kill regular humans to some beings with higher reiatsu with just his mere presence. His speed, strength and duribility are massively increased to a point where he can speed blitz top tier characters from bleach, withstand and even regenerate from a Mugetsu, and easily kill Gin with one swipe of his sword. His has a powerful kido spell that allows him to manipulate the gravity within to an extent so powerful it distorts the space and time. In his near final awakening form he was able to create a massive hole in the ground with a "fragor" and creating a ring of those blasts around his target. Not to mention his Kyoka Suigetst allows him to actually manipulate all "five" senses to how he deems fit and is even said to be so powerful that even if one were to know they were under his illusion they would still be helpless against it. He's pratically a genius and with his high intellect he can plan out almost the whole Bleach continuum like how he planned for Rukia to meet Ichigo so he hid the Hogyoku within her and etc. Lastly it's also because he's manipulative and very persistent and can't die very easily, hence him coming back to life after being killed by Gin and him healing and almost killing Ichigo after taking a Mugetsu from Final Getsuga Tenshou and etc.


There is one person in the Madara team who I believe can beat Aizen if he teamed up with his team, or maybe even by himself, and that would be Itachi. Before you or others start "thrashing" at this post then i'll highlight some points of why I think so (even though I don't particularly like Itachi much, I still think he OP).

1.First and foremost is the ability of the sharingan. The sharingan is obviously a over powered ability, and is what literally makes people who have the eye so dangerous. It's ability includes precognition (to a certain degree), the ability to see forms and masses of energy, the power to read the slightest movements and follow the quickest speeds, it's ability to completely copy hand seals at slow to high speed levels, and lastly it's ability to give the users powerful doujutsu when the mangekyo sharingan is awakened. Itachi who clearly is the best user of the sharingan mastered the sharingan at the age of 8 (debatable) and awoke the mangekyo in his early teens. With his Mangekyo he has been able to demonstrate a number of techniques which include: tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that allows him to cast an illusion upon his target when they meet eyes and control the time, space and reality of the genjutsu on a whim (meaning he could give someone 1 billion strokes in his genjutsu and it could all happen in only a second in the real world), his amaterasu, a black flame that is nearly extinguishable and burns for 7 days and 7 nights, and lastly the last technique, Susanoo, which allows him to summon some being or guardian diety that shrouds Itachi from any incoming attacks with the shield of yatagarasu, whether it be physical or not. It also carries the sword of totsuka which is able to seal "anything" it touches into the gord. He also has the mangekyo sharingan that Uchiha Shisui gave to him which contains the eye technique known as Kotoamatsukami, a doujutsu that casts a genjutsu that manipulates a persons personality without the person even knowing they've even been manipulated. But the mangekyo isn't the only reason why Itachi is so dangerous. He is a master strategist, easily able to analyze the critical points and moments during a battle and coming up with a solution to the situation at hand, he contains almost an unlimited information on every technique in the Naruto verse, and is a master of illusions. In addition as I highlighted before, Aizen's kyoka suigetsu move may indeed be powerful, but it can only manipulate all 5 senses. However Itachi is able to bypass all five senses and by using the genjutsu, Izanami, he is able to manipulate the 6th sense and the only way of escaping Izanami is if Itachi chooses the criteria or way to break Izanami.

If Itachi can and most likely solo Aizen, then that'd be the end of Aizen team, with Madara summoning like what, a thousand meteors and using his fully completed Susanoo to destroy creation itself, i'd say Barragan just run if he doesn't want to die. Sasuke could literally flatline all 1000 Menos in a heartbeat. Let's not mention the Jyuubi, which would most likely kill all of the espadas together.

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