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Battles » Ty lee vs Videl

Who would win and why?
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Battles » Kid Buu vs Broly

@Newdeath said:
" @soldier: I didn't say Broly's deaths weren't PIS. I however pointed out that he was harmed by Adult SSJ2 Gohan, and even then it is debatable whether or not Gohan was in his SSJ2 form at the time. 
@DBZ_universe: I said it is possible that Broly can win, I however said Kid Buu is far more likely since he is faster and more powerful, but not particularly durable. Out of shape? I'd think taking on two Frieza-level characters and then SSJ2 Gohan would have got him back into shape, he was still far more powerful than in his first appearance and yet he was still harmed by an SSJ2 which was adult Gohan who was quite weak when compared to his teen years.  ND "

Yeah I know what you said, and I agree with you. 
Although trunks and goten were a match for android 18, (well I don't like to think that to be true but apparantely it is.)
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Battles » Kid Buu vs Broly

@Newdeath said:
" @TheLegendaryOne said:
" Broly wins this. "
Make a case for him then. Just saying "Broly wins this" isn't the best argument you can make.  
@DBZ_universe: I doubt it. Kid Buu can destroy Broly before he even gets a chance to breathe. His teleportation is comparable to IT, could he not simply combine IT and a powerful energy beam that would send Broly into the Sun and kill him again? Also you forget that Broly is actually weaker than Kid Buu. Kid Buu pushed SSJ3 Goku and SSJ2 Vegeta to the limit without even showing his full power, while Broly was apparently harmed by an adult SSJ2 Gohan, and even then it is debatable whether or not Gohan was actually in his SSJ2 form. And don't say something like "Oh Broly was weaker in the second movie", because if anything he was dramatically more powerful since he had shortly survived a near-death situation and that is commonly known to exponentially increase the power of Saiyans. ND "

I think we both know that both of Broly's Deaths were PIS. 
- Broly destroyed a galaxy
- Broly tanked a blast that wasted cell 
-Goku and piccolo at the same time could not even touch him. 
-Broly did beat ssj2 gohan  
But I know that Kid Buu wins: 
- absorption 
- IT 
- regeneration 
- toyed with ssj3 goku to the point that goku's punches did not even affect him 
- The combined energy of the Namekians, otherworld, earth, and the z-fighters, was not enought to completely beat him, until goku as a ssj3 got his full strength back. 
- Also when Broly died, goku had to deal with him, and that means goku can be beaten by a ssj3. 
Thus we are left to conclude that unless Blows up the galaxy and it has enough damage to wipe out buu ( I highly doubt it for reasons already stated). Then this should be a walk in the park for Buu
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Just Anime » Which anime universe and characters are the strongest.

@Kurohige said:
In my opinion DBZ should not even be in the top ten if their top strength is possible solar system busting, there was some galaxy busitng in there but the never showed the character one shotting it. They don't really have any hax moves other than Buu's candy beam either to give them an advantage. Unless someone can please correct me on why they should be on the top 10, I love DBZ and all but I don't see them nearly as powerful as people say, well Hitsu can actualy make good arguments to support it so he can tell me I guess. "

Dude, mystic buu was on the verge of destroying the universe just by getting in a tantrum. This would have occured versus super vegito, both dende and kibito kai stated it, this was due to the ripping of dimensions. The fact is with Broly you saw the Galaxy being destroyed in seconds, King Kai was not looking up for hours, or years. It was pretty much one event by a normal ssj Broly. DBZ has pretty amazing feats reaching a t top universe destruction (mystic Buu), and is at least galactic busting (Broly). Therefore although I believe that DBZ is not the top, it is certainly up in the top ten. 
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Dragon Ball » Who is the better form of majin buu

Well in terms of coolness: 
Kid Buu, Mystic Buu, super buu, gotenks buu, evil buu and lastly fat buu 
in terms of power: 
Mystic buu>>>gotenksbuu>/=kidbuu>superbuu>>evilbuu>fat buu 
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Battles » Master Roshi vs Yusuke

@Kurohige said:
"@MisterShin:  Well he did use ki with only the properties of lightning. But still it is likely Lightning speed, but then that defeats his supposed light-speed feat.
Anyway as for Kid Goku being light speed I doubt it (Just found this) we see that he could have easily gotten Roshi's sunglasses before tien activated the move: 
He would have had time right here, he saw it coming.
He would have had time right here, he saw it coming.




 We didnt even see where goku was, he couldve just as easily turned his back before tein started the move so he could go after the shades as defense. when trying to prove a characters reaction speed, it helps if said character is in the scan.
@hitsusatsu11 said:
" @hiei_hyabusha said:

 if dbz characters where as strong as you claim vegeta would have killed him with that kick

yusuke has the power to turn this guy into a bloodstain

This is a pretty weak argument. Yajirbe has a power level of near 1000 there, and Vegeta is badly injured. The guy who Yusuke turned into a "bloodstain" is weak sauce to any DB character.   Since you thought Yusuke (with Ichi's help) could contend with kaioken Goku,  I think you may over estimate YHS characters. "
Yajirobe despite his power level was not any stronger than shown from Dragonball, despite Vegeta being weakened we saw the same results from weaker kid Goku who was evne weaker yet he had enough power to punch a hole through Piccolo, yet a stronger Vegeta could not kill Yajirobe, and I doubt Vegeta was weakened to the point that his power level was lower than Kid Goku, sure Yajirobe's sword cut him but if was more or less a flesh wound, we saw earlier Yajirobe cut Oozaru Vegeta's tail off (With no ki around his blade) yet with the same power was unable to cut a weaker vegeta in half. So power levels seem a pretty useless part of DBZ, the daizenshuu and Akira Toriyama's words are strongly contradicted due to feats actualy shown.


The last part is inaccurate, consider both gohan vs cell (lost power), goku vs cell (he gives up), goku vs kid buu (his punches had no effect after a while). The fact is that as powerlevel falls so does strength speed and everything else. The fact is that Vegeta became so weak that gohan and krillin became a threat (even Nappa was soloing the z-fighters), Vegeta 1 shotted Nappa. 
As for your first claim: 
The anime clears it up at the beginning. You were right they were not faster than light yet. Goku was able to sense where Roshi was and take the glasses. 
but based on other speed feats it is clear that Roshi wins this.

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Dragon Ball » Top 10 favorite dragonball heroes

1) Vegeta - worked hard for his abilities 
2) Bardock - Honourable warrior (also according to vegeta he invented the artificial moonlight technique)
3) Vegitto - will own you 
4) Goku - Always there to save the day (legendary ssj)

4) Tien - so many exciting techniques and strongest human in that universe 
5) Piccolo - before buu saga he was awesome (everything he did was cool) 
6) Future Gohan - may have only had 1 arm but he owned android 17 
7)Trunks - saved his timeline 
8)Gotenks - cocky, but for a kid turning ssj3 that was pretty impressive

9) Krillin - Goku's best friend, he was very awesome in the early stages taking on piccolo, Nappa and Vegeta (not all at once)

10) Pikkon - when you can take on super perfect cell, frieza and co all on at the same time with such ease, you have to be on the list



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Battles » Super janemba vs kid buu


The problem I have is that Goku is not kid buu, it is as simple as that. Kid Buu can take any one of Janemba's moves, it took the combined energy of namekians, earthlings, otherworld and z-fighters to threaten his life.


Kid Buu was toying with goku the whole time, and also can produce devastating attacks, not to mention absorption being one of them. Plus if you want to compare battles kid Buu gave alot more pain to vegeta than Janemba. 


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Dragon Ball » How fast are DBZ characters?

List of FTL or near lightspeed feats: 
1) goku vs tien ( before the light reached him, he went over to one side of the ring, took master roshi's glasses and went back into position) 
2) raditz dodged a laser from piccolo and noticed it after it had been fired, than he sidestepped it. 
3) Goku escaped from frieza's light ball

4) Goku and frieza when fighting were said to be faster than anything king kai had seen before, including the ftl spaceships.

5) Piccolo arrived in time to save gohan (keep in mind that he had to travel to another galaxy, and the maximum time he could have travelled is not long at all) - this one is debatable and it is a movie

There are more but alas I can't be bothered right now. 

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Dragon Ball » Are Broly, Super Saiyan Goku 3 and Kid Buu Galaxy Busters ?

Note the manner in which Kid Buu destroyed the Galaxy, it literally fades out of existance, and if you actually watch the clip you will see Kid Buu's pink Ki strangling the Galaxy, you can kind of see it on the last image. 
super saiyan Broly busted a galaxy, and there is no disputing what can be seen in plain sight.



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Battles » Master Roshi vs Yusuke


This is silly, Roshi clearly wins. 
I mean what proof do you actually want, Master Roshi was equal to tien in the 22nd budokai tournament, that means in terms of speed and strength he was close to tien. If you don't accept that you are not using logic. I don't know why you are debating and claiming that we just use abc logic. The point is that Roshi has the ability to catch bullets, with his hands which is not only a speed feat, but also a durability feat. He has several techniques such as drunken style boxing and afterimages and also he has the technique which electrocutes opponents. Roshi has hypnosis, mind reading paralysis. Pretty much a complete set when it comes to fighting. 
hundreds of punches in 1 second is actually a poor feat as far as dragonball is concerned. A human can hit around 3 per second, and so when roshi is on the same level as those who can move as fast as lightning, you have to ask questions. In fact the same tournament that he matched tien was the same tournament that goku moved faster than light. Now I am not saying that Roshi is faster than light, but I am saying that he is alot faster than hundreds of punches per second. 
The reason why the term moonbuster is used alot, is that, he did it after battling for so long against goku. It is not as if it took all of his energy. In fact he ended up fighting after that. 
PS - The term Dbz fanboy is a bit annoying, we don;t mind that there are other characters who are better, it is only when you don't represent them properly or just purposely try to annoy us that the debate becomes heated. not only have you used offensive language to a member of the animevice community, but you claim that our motivation is just for dbz to win all the time.
Furthermore, visit the respect thread if you want more feats, that is if your willing to accept that Roshi would win.
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Battles » Luffy Vs Super Saiyan 3 Goku

This battle goes to goku in my opinion. Remember, who was it that had to defeat Broly as a ssj2 in the otherworld. Also remember who at ssj1 was faster than anything King Kai had seen before including the saiyan attackballs which can travel around 3 lightyears per hour. one destructo disk oughta do it.



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Dragon Ball » How many tons can DBZ characters lift?

I know that when goku first met bulma he lifted a car that was probably the size of a mini: 1- 2 tons
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Battles » piccolo vs martian manhunter

This battle should fall Piccolo's way. 
Firstly, MM is far slower than Piccolo, given that not only was goku and frieza moving faster than anything King Kai had seen before, Piccolo is far above the power of the pair of them at that time. If you want proof watch vegeta get his arm broken by android 18. 
Secondly, Piccolo has tanked worse than planet busting destruction. 
Thirdly, despite having intangibility, he will have to deal with the mafuba technique, and also he will eventually have to make his move at which it will be game over.. 

Finally because MM won't be able to touch Piccolo, he won't be punching him into orbit.

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Battles » Krillin vs Raditz (Human revolution)

@PRIVETmeNAMisKC said:
"Well, is Krillin any stronger than before? I would go first with Raditz because, he's a sayian-boom?!? "

Well when he fought Nappa his powerlevel was over 1000, near Raditz's I can't remeber whether or not it was greater or not. However, against Nappa, his destructo disk almost killed nappa, vegeta had to tell him to dodge it. Krillin also had an arsenal of techniques at hand such as multi-form, solar flare, and was just in general very impressive. 
Trust me go on youtube and type in z-fighters vs Nappa, and you will see his skills. 
However, Raditz as a saiyan can probably create artificial moonlight and also is strong, faster than light, and pretty much skillful as all saiyans are when it comes to fighting. 
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Battles » gladiator vs majin buu

@Newdeath said:
" @hiei_hyabusha: True. Which is why I think Glad's heat beams will come into play. Whether or not they will work, I don't know, I believe it is possible though, if his confidence is at its peak. ND "

I am not quite sure it will, I mean if this is the buu before the split, he pretty much learnt techniques by sight, and buu was only destroyed by a ridiculously powerful spirit bomb. Remember that buu had within him a big power that he seldom used. I am not sure Gladiator's beams will do much damge given Vegeta's failure and all.
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Battles » Krillin vs Raditz (Human revolution)

A number of humans have got together to end reliance on aliens to save their planet. Among them is Krillin (The one who fought Nappa) is training, and a part of his training is to fight the mighty Raditz. 
Who will win?
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Battles » The Flash (Wally West) VS Goklu End of Dbz

@KingOfSnipers said:
"There's no way Goku could ever accomplish either of the first or third feats I posted with his speed alone. He could do the first one with IT, but IT isn't speed. The third requires him to search through half a million people trying to find who was controlling Kyle a picosecond before his blast reaches Diana and kills her and Goku's not cutting it there.  As for the PIS/CIS stuff, it's the same as with all superhero comics with characters like Supes, Flash, and others of their ilk: It's just done to make a more interesting story since a lot of their normal rogues would be dead within one or two pages if they went all out. "

Except, even in the way that it was described, and also in the broly and metacooler movies it displayed travel properties. In which he could fight whilst using it, and also observe where he was going. 
The third one could be done, and what makes you think he scanned all of the half a million people when the two people he found where coincidentally in the inner circle. 

I understand the PIS, if the flash' true speed was used he would have one every battle. Kind of like dbz where they make characters really powerful and then have to use PIS to explain how they get beaten. But you have got me with the zeptosecond thing. My only problem is that in the first scan he said that a picosecond would be a problem. If he could truly travel with zeptosecond reflexes that should be a piece of cake. 
However, bearing that in mind although I doubt that in your 3rd scan the flash scanned through even 100 people, I have posted the scan of the flashing evacuating alot of people from a nuclear bomb, which would be more impressive. 
Also you have to understand that in DBZ they have dealt with a person who could stop time, and even he could not keep up with krillin. It in my view is tending towards flash, the more I think about the tremendous difference in speed. In fact, as fast as goku is, an order of 5 is just too much for there to be a contest.

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Battles » The Flash (Wally West) VS Goklu End of Dbz

@KingOfSnipers said:
" @soldier said:
" @paladin: The problem that I am having, is that you can state that, but you have not given a speed that the flash can reach.  Whereas MisterShin raised the good point that ssj goku and frieza and Namek had to have been over 26,298 times faster than light in battle. If you can show where the flash made that look like childs play, please enlighten me, otherwise what you have stated can not hold any weight.  Peace. "
I posted scans in this thread where Wally moved and reacted in atto- and zepto-seconds. Read the thread. :/ "

Lol, sorry I did not see it say zeptoseconds first time. Yous should have emphasised the middle scenario, because the first and last feat where within goku's feat limit. But that central one is way above everybody. I mean that is crazy his zeptoseconds are like our seconds. Thankyou, for that. If it is not PIS, I conceed 
PS - there is no reason for it to be PIS, other than the fact that it contradicts every other encouter the flash faces. I mean theoretically nobody should be touching the flash. Could you please tell me your thoughts because zeptoseconds makes every other character look like a joke I mean moving about half a metre per zeptosecond would be 1.67*10^12 times faster than light. If that is not PIS he would be at most 1.58*10^5 times faster than goku. If that is true, goku has absolutely no chance.
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Battles » The Flash (Wally West) VS Goklu End of Dbz

@susanoo said:
> Superspeed
> Wally West is the Fastest Man Alive, and so far as is known, the Fastest Man Ever. He is capable of moving at just under the speed of light, and in truth his top speed, if he has one, is hard to guage since once he goes beyond lightspeed, he enters the Speed Force. As far as is known Wally is the only speedster to enter the Speed Force entirely and re-emerge, which helps account for his incredible gifts. His connection he has with the Speed Force is stronger than any known person has ever attained. It's far more than enough to allow Wally West to run up sheer or even upside-down surfaces to defy gravity, or to allow him to run over liquids as if they were as firm as concrete. He can catch bullets out of the air as if they were stationary, and could quite probably dodge lasers.
> Molecular control
> The gifts of the Speed Force include the ability to control every molecule of Wally's body to where they can be vibrated and made to phase through solid matter. These days, doing so can charge whatever he phases through with kinetic energy and cause that matter to explode violently. This is both a good and bad thing, in that he can use the ability to charge matter to explode as a weapon, but in doing so he harms whatever he phases through. Since the Flash's recent increase in speed, his control has been enhanced to where he may choose either to kinetically charge what he vibrates through, or not do so and pass through solid matter harmlessly. Another facet of his molecular control is that Wally can vibrate himself to where his body becomes invisible and light just passes through it. Yet another ability related to his vibrational molecular control is that Wally can attune his ears and eyes to hear and see the vibrations of radio waves or other forms of light, thereby tuning into any frequencies he cares to listen to or see just as if they were normal sound and light. Through the control of his vibrations, he is even able to heat up substances that he touches or impart heat energy into an object on contact.
> Turbocharged brain
> When Wally moves into superspeed his perceptions change radically and the world appears to move by at a snail's pace. If he's going fast enough, the world even seems to have frozen. This altering of perception is vital in order for Wally to function at the extreme speeds that he can reach, and allows him to manage his movements and environment with awareness and accuracy. It's also a power that he can activate without physically moving any faster, throwing his thought processes into overdrive to where his perceptions and thoughts fire off faster than the processes of a supercomputer. He can, if he chooses, read a book (a big one like Lord of the Rings ) in less than a second with full comprehension and the only speed motion required being the turning of the pages.
> Speed force aura
> When moving at superspeed, Wally West is able to surround himself with an aura of Speed Force Energy. It extends out from his body enough to cover objects or even persons carried by him, and allows him to treat them as extensions of his person for purposes of speed powers. The aura also protects Wally from the effects of hitting stationary objects (so instead of turning to hamburger he'd just hit as if he were running normally and ran into it) and keeps his passing from causing sonic booms and massive collateral damage everywhere he goes at superspeed. The aura can be controlled to where such sonic booms and effects on the environment are allowed, however.
> Kinetic energy control
> Wally West is able to both steal and give energy of motion from and to an object. He can take the velocity out of a moving object and cause it to stand still as well as charge an object with motion and propel it into possibly ridiculous amounts of speed. This is only possible in either case with objects that happen to be or are caught in Wally's wake as he passes or moves over them. In a sense it's really contact and proximity to his Speed Force Aura that enables him to add to or take away from the velocity of other objects, and he can either drag objects behind him at his speed or move past an already-moving object and take its speed away to leave it standing motionless behind.
> Speed tricks
> Among the various tricks that Wally can perform with his powers are:
> The Snap - Where through manipulation of the Speed Force Aura and a superspeed motion (often a snap of the fingers or clap of the hands) Wally causes a deafening and highly damaging sonic boom that can knock down walls and stun opponents.
> Cyclones - Where through moving his limbs in various fashions the Flash may cause extreme winds that can blow about objects with force similar to a tornado .> > Dismantling - Where through a simple series of appropriate motion Wally just dissects things like cars, weapons, furniture, down to the limit of his understanding of how to take apart a given device or object. That's assuming he wants it to be able to work when reassembled...> > Bombs - Where through taking advantage of the explosive kinetic charge that Wally endows an object by phasing through it, he intentionally charges things to explode in order to use them as weapons. They can be as simple as walls or trees, or as clever as throwing a rock without opening his fist and letting that rock phase through his fingers, charged to explode as it hurtles toward its intended target.> > Vibro Hands - Where Wally can saw through solid objects with his hands (as an example) by vibrating his body and basically blasting his way through said object on contact.> > Hot Touch - Where through vibrational control, Wally can heat up an object as much or as little as he likes just by touching it and concentrating on the energy he imparts to it.> > Speed force suit > Through his control of Speed Force Energy, Wally is able to form a suit around his body in the approximate shape and color of his original Flash suit he inherited from Barry, only made of pure Speed Energy. This suit is more convenient than the old ring-pop-out suit, and it is capable of acting like armor to absorb great amounts of kinetic energy.> > Healing > Wally is able to use the Speed Force in order to speed up the healing of injuries to himself. In essence, he is able to heal minor cuts, abrasions, and bruises in a matter of minutes. More major or deep wounds might take hours. The greatest limit to this ability are broken bones, as they take much longer to heal...perhaps days or weeks in spite of his powers of speed and healing.> > Sustenance > Through his link with the Speed Force, Wally is able to draw sustenance from that energy field that allows his body to channel Speed Force Energy without having to stuff his body with carbs and food to keep going. It also provides him with the needed energy to keep running and running even if it's all the way around the globe.> > Time travel > Wally West can travel through time in three ways:> > Speed Force - By reaching the Speed Force and bouncing off of the barrier at the edge of it, Wally will often skip forward or back in time unpredictably. Alternately he can cross that barrier and enter the Speed Force entirely, then exit to any possible point in history. Unfortunately by this method the Speed Force has a way of controlling when he comes out and ends up. About his best bet in doing this is to run right along the Speed Force wall. Doing so, Wally can read the different eras that he passes up and just stop at the one he wants. So far, Wally is the only speedster that can reliably perform this mode of time travel.> > Temporal Vibrations - By attuning his physical vibrations to those of another timeframe, Wally can basically fade into another time/dimension. The only trouble doing this is that he doesn't necessarily know the proper vibration for a given time in a given dimension, and just experimenting with different vibrations to see where you end up is about as smart as stabbing yourself in the brain with a needle to see what cool things you can make your leg do.> > Cosmic Treadmill - By using this invention of Barry Allen's, Wally has only to get on the treadmill, set it to the time and place he wants to go, and run to power it. It's been the cause of a few excellent adventures, as well as some bogus journeys.> > Speed force attunement > Because of his link with the Speed Force, Wally West is able to commune with it and sense and track any speedster, no matter when or where they are. It's a subtle but very useful aspect of his power.> > Quick formula > Wally knows the speed formula which gave Johnny and Jesse Quick their speed. He doesn't use it often, and the first time was to give him an extra boost on top of his natural superspeed and to help him reach the Speed Force. Since then, his natural speed has been adequate to get there alone, so he's never had to use it. He still knows the formula, however, and by reciting the equation "3x2(9yz)4a" and conceptualizing the fourth dimensional construct that goes with it, Wally can stack the added superspeed of the Quick's on top of his own. A side effect of when he does this is that for a brief moment, time is frozen for everyone except Wally during which the added link to the Speed Force seems to interfere with his natural one, or perhaps elbows it aside for a bit in order to provide its form of superspeed. The effect is unnoticeable to anyone in the normal timestream, however, and as soon as the "time-hiccup" or whatever one calls it passes, Wally has extra superspeed. This added link to the Speed Force neither supercedes nor interferes with his natural link besides that momentary timefreeze, and it allows him all of the normal powers that he normally has with his own superspeed.  > He outran/outsped Death itself. "

I know that this might sound annoying but; 

1) outrunning death is an arbitrary feat, incompatable with other universes 
2) time travel is arbitrary as running ftl should be enough to make that possible, however in dragonball the laws of the universe are different 
3) Master Roshi could easily catch bullets 
4) Burter made Vegeta look like he was standing still 
5) dodging lasers is a minor feat for the standards of the flash 
6) saying that the top speed of flash is unknown does not equate to him moving infinitely fast. 

By the way I know how fast the flash is, and we tend to go by top feats unless it is stated specifically that the flash has not top speed.

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