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Just Manga » Is Bleach Just Getting Lamer?

@All_StarSupes said:

Naruto and One Piece have always been superior to Bleach. The authors of those mangas have managed to get the readers to invest their emotions into characters, hence why people are upset when Jiraiya and Ace died. Nobody cares about the Bleach characters, apart from Ichigo. I actually want Chad and Orihime to die so we don't have to see them in the manga anymore.

Eff Ichigo. Bleach went downhill after his fight with Kenpachi because there's not enough Kenpachi now. Kubo really doesn't know what the good characters are. 99% are throwaway, even Ichigo. He should just kill every character except Kenpachi, the Hollow Ichigo and Getsuga and just let them wreak havoc.

I dropped the Anime when the latest filler run started and now I'm waiting for the episodes where he gets his stuff back. Then I'll probably drop it again. I still read the manga but only because it only takes like 4 minutes to read through it. Nothing happens so it's over fast.

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Battles » Luffy Vs The Rest Of The Strawhats

He probably would have a hard time against Zoro alone let alone the whole crew. Don't know how Haki would influence him against Zoro but if we leave that out there's a big chance he'd lose since swords are his natural enemy ^^
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Tokyopop » Tokyopop Shutting Down American Publishing of Manga

Thank Enel it's not completely shutting down. I buy 3 manga series, all are from Tokyopop (Germany)
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General Discussion » What Show Should Tom Watch & Learn From Next?

Voted Darker than Black only because it's the only one I've seen from that list. What you should watch is Trinity Blood or Samurai 7 (if you don't have already).
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