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The Ultimate Anime Team

I was just musing off the top of my head about a team composed of anime/manga characters who would serve as a superhero team sort of like a Justice League of Anime or a Manga Avengers sort of deal. Basically, I'm drawing from all different universes and series that I know about personally. A number of characters I dismissed as being way too overpowered--the gang from Dragonball and Tenchi Muyo comes to mind; but I also wanted a team that could work together which caused me to dismiss characters as being unlikely to work in a team environment.

1. Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Bunny is one of the guys who I think would be one of the better members. He's cool and keeps his head under most circumstances and has a bit of a tragic past. I didn't much care for him when he first started out, being obsessed with fame but he grew to believe in justice and protecting the innocent and being a true hero under the tutorship of his partner and friend, Wild Tiger. He has a good grasp of strategy and tactics as well as his 5-minute "Hundred Power". POSITION: LEADER

2. Mirai Ozora

She'd serve in the role of Supergirl (or Superman) I think. Strong, invulnerable, and able to fly would be a great addition to the team. Plus her personality would be a nice source of tension too as she would probably grate on Bunny and Toph. She's the Powerhouse and Air Support plus Invulnerable and can survive in all sorts of environments. POSITION: POWERHOUSE, AERIAL SUPPORT

3. Sho Fukamachi

The Bio-Booster Guyver! I remembered seeing the anime a few years ago and was stunned by the power and deadliness of the Guyver. He makes for a very potent hand-to-hand fighter for the team. He's the Lone Warrior of the team. POSITION: POINT/FRONTAL ASSAULT

4. Cheetara

I remember her from the original Thundercats cartoon as a kid and unlike any girls in cartoons, I don't ever recall her appearing in the role of damsel in distress. She could kick butt all on her own. Cheetara is the Speedster of the team and I expect, she'd emerge as the real anchor of the team, keeping everyone focused and working together. POSITION: RECONNAISSANCE/HIT & RUN ATTACKS

5. Monkey D. Luffy

In terms of flexibility, no one can match Monkey D. Luffy. I thought his stretching and elasticity powers was a good addition to the group and he would probably clash a lot with Bunny's leadership with his laid back personality. Agility and Durability. POSITION: MEDIUM RANGE ASSAULT

6. Toph Beifong

While Aang the Avatar might outclass her in raw power, I thought the concept of a blind member of the team was too good to pass up. Her ability to manipulate earth and metal is a good addition to their range of powers and she's a surprisingly funny and playful individual. I figure she's great to hold the center formation with her strong defensive capabilities with the ability to switch to offensive quickly. POSITION: CENTRAL PHALANX

7. Haku

A kind and gentle soul, a skilled ninja, and wielding a powerful ice bloodline would make him a useful addition to the team adding Stealth to the mix. POSITION: STEALTH/INFILTRATION/SNIPER

8. Filia ul Copt

A hot tempered priestess who often transforms into her true form of a gigantic golden dragon. She brings Spellcasting and Magic to the group, not to mention her Gigantic Dragonic Form, Flight, and Teleporting grant her an excellent array of useful skills to add to the team! POSITION: TRANSPORT/SUPPORT/SPELLCASTING

9. Chachamaru Karakuri

Chachamaru adds some needed Technology Expertise and Firepower to the team. She knows how to support a teammate in combat and she got a wistful Pinocchio-like vibe going for her as well. POSITION: HEAVY ASSAULT

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