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My Anime & Manga Series Reviews

A list of the various anime and manga series that I have read or seen, even just one issue or episode and what I think of it.

  • 5 STARS: The best of the best; you HAVE to go and see/read it!

  • 4 STARS: Really, really good. One of the better ones!

  • 3 STARS: Mediocre to decent.

  • 2 STARS: Fair to Okay; if you got nothing else to do and want to kill some time...

  • 1 STAR: Didn't like it.

  • 0 STAR: Junk. You will regret it and agonize over the fact that you will never get back the time you wasted over this worthless crap...

1. Moldiver

Young genius invents a super-suit and becomes the superheroic Captain Tokyo. Young genius' boy crazy, shopaholic younger sister discovers his secret and is appalled by his boring design and seeks to make it "cuter". Only she accidentally modifies it so that it only fits her and she is forced to step into his shoes as a superhero. There isn't much of character development but it is funny. The ending is a bit on the baffling side as I think they tried to resolve all of the dangling plot threads because it was going to be cancelled. Still, this wasn't as bad as some of the other titles. Rating: 3 and 1/2 Stars.

2. Monster Hunter Orage
3. My Heavenly Hockey Club

Unlike a lot of shojo series which I can’t stand, this one is decent. It doesn’t try for absurd romantic entanglements. The main character Hana—a female is forced (somewhat against her will) to become a member of her high school's field hockey team. Unlike the rest of her female classmates who seethe with jealousy over the fact that her new club consists of the hottest (and richest) boys on campus, Hana doesn’t swoon over them and couldn't care less. Hana is also not very feminine and her primary hobbies are eating and sleeping. In fact, the only reason why she worked so hard to get into this prestigious and exclusive high school is because it's a block away from her house so she can sleep in 'til the last minute. The only reason how she applies herself to serving as part of an athletic club is the fact that the Club President bribes her with exotic gourmet food. The plots are not horribly complex and much of the humor comes from the interactions between her and the various members of the club. There seems to be an attraction between her and the Club President but neither of them seems willing to admit it. The artwork is decent but not particularly outstanding. The guys are pretty well drawn and Hana is deliberately drawn as being rather plain with a lack of curves or particularly pretty face. It’s sometimes a bit of a joke that many believe that she’s a boy. To be frank, the guys are all much better looking than her. Otherwise, the artist tends to be cheap on backgrounds and character expressions at times. It’s got some funny moments but nothing hysterically side-splitting and otherwise, "My Heavenly Hockey Club" doesn’t really stand out and my interest started to wane after the first few GNs as it lacks a real hook to captivate and interest the reader in my opinion. RATING: 3 STARS.

4. Naruto

I wandered into a Japanimation store that was playing subtitled episodes of the series and walked out with an empty wallet and a box set of DVDs. Naruto grabbed me right from the get go and has managed to keep a tight grip on me since. The thing that killed my love for this show was was the "filler arcs" of the TV series. I sort of lost interest in the show after the Time Skip but I still watch an occasional episode when I can. Rating: 4 and 1/2 Stars.

5. Neon Genesis Evangelion

A friend showed me the first episode and I had to admit that I was intrigued with it. Evangelion is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and lost in a dark maze. There is a lot of stuff in each episode and an intricate background story, but it's like it barely scratches the surface and leaves you pondering things afterwards. While it first appears to be a simple giant robot vs. monsters story, it quickly becomes clear that there is something else going on as the robots are actually monstrous biological creations and the monsters are actually avenging angels from heaven. Rating: 4 Stars.

6. Ninja Scroll

I remember dimly seeing the movie a long time ago. It wasn't spectacular although I do remember a graphic rape scene. Basically, a Japanese samurai (I think) finds himself facing a bunch of monstrous and bizarre warriors accompanied by a ninja girl whom he falls in love with. Rating: 2 Stars.

7. Oh My Goddess!

One of the those sweet romantic comedies. Boy meets Girl. Girl's two sisters move in. Boy risks getting blasted by lightning if his girlfriend gets mad 'cause she's an actual Goddess. It's ridiculous on the premise but the author makes it work. I consider it a classic and apparently everyone agrees with me 'cause it keeps being printed and recreated in anime format every couple of years. Rating: 4 Stars.

8. One Piece

I read perhaps the first dozen or so GNs before I started to lose interest. It starts off kinda slow and it just seems a bit too juvenile for me. Younger kids might like it though. Rating: 2 Stars.

9. One Pound Gospel
10. One Pound Gospel

Another offering by Rumiko Takahashi. She specializes in offbeat romantic comedies like this one with quirky characters. Kosuke is a talented boxer with one slight problem; he loves to eat and can't keep his weight under control. A good abdominal blow is enough to cause him to spew his chunks all over the ring and forcing his forfeit in humiliation. In an attempt to control his overindulgence habits, he encounters a novice nun Sister Angela who seeks to help him. However, many begin to suspect that Kosuke is a bit more interested in Angela than trying to break his gluttony. The characters are amusing and Kosuke is a nice guy who nevertheless is flawed and believable and is forced to fight more and more humiliating matches against boxers due to his deteriorating reputation. Rating: 3 and 1/2 Stars.

11. One-Punch Man

This is a new and underrated series as far as I can tell as I accidentally stumbled across its existence by total accident online and haven’t been able to find it at all in the stores. “One-Punch Man” nevertheless hits the ground running and was funny enough that I read through the first few chapters with lightning speed. “One-Punch Man” originally began life as a webcomic created by an author known as ONE that apparently was popular enough that it was redrawn with a pro artist, Yusuke Murata who previously collaborated with Riichiro Inagaki on “Eyeshield 21” and brings his incredibly detailed, brilliantly realistic, and lavishly exquisite artwork to the board. The story itself is fairly straightforward where humanity is under constant threat from monsters and other bizarre mutants and threats. In this world, there exists a simple man, Saitama who functions as a hero not by trade but more like a hobby. But unknown to many, Saitama is possibly the most powerful hero of them all, defeating his enemies with a single blow—or rather one punch which is where the name of the manga comes in. What helps sell this series to me is that Saitama is such a great main character. He’s not your prototypical hero but rather ordinary kind of guy. Another trait in his favor is his baldness and rather stick-like figure in his outfit doesn’t make him look very superheroic at all but rather plain and ordinary. Yet, he possesses a sort of charisma, charm, and likeability that other series’ characters lack. Saitama longs for excitement and action; yet with his incredible power, even the supposedly unstoppable and invincible monsters are a walk in the park for him. Saitama is so powerful, that these monsters all over the world are actually irresistibly drawn to his neighborhood as it’s like a black hole for them. They go in and naturally run into Saitama and thus, they never come back out again. Saitama aside, there is a wide assortment of characters who populate this series from the strange, to the amusing, and even bizarre but many of them are rather interesting as well from the stoic cyborg Genos, the ancient martial artist Silver Fang, the over-the-top gay Pri-Pri-Prisoner, and Licenseless Rider (a tribute to Kamen Rider who uses a regular bicycle). The only potential weakness of this series that I can see is if the collaborating duo can continue to bring the amazingly detailed fight scenes of “One-Punch Man” without it becoming repetitive. But the first few chapters are definite knock outs in art, action, and comedy. RATING: 4 STARS!!!!

12. O-Parts Hunter

I’ve only read the first few graphic novels but I didn’t like it. I have to say that as I was reading it, I couldn’t help but be struck by the strong similarities between this series and Naruto. I later learned that O-Parts Hunter was actually written and drawn by the brother of Masashi Kishimoto (the creator of Naruto) so perhaps it’s not that accidental that his brother would influence both his writing and drawing style. Basically it feels like he’s trying to follow in his brother’s footsteps … but failing rather badly at that. Overall, it felt extremely derivative of the series with a young and kinda stupid male protagonist who has a powerful demon sealed within he was unaware of while growing up and was hated and despised because of it. But I simply couldn’t get that into the series as the main character, Jio Freed lacked the natural likeability that his counterpart Naruto possessed. I also couldn’t help but feel that the setting of the story was rather odd and a hash of a bunch of different places and left me feeling confused as well. The art also needed a bit of refinement. There is a hint of potential in the storyboarding and the movements of the characters, but in many cases I felt disappointed in the character designs looked rather childish and the rest of the art felt amateurish in comparison to other manga series. I particularly wasn’t a fan of Jio’s design with the half white-half black hair. Overall, I quickly lost interest in the series and felt it kinda boring and rather predictable. RATING: 0 STARS.

13. Patlabor

This is a pretty old series although I have to say that I felt it was one of the better ones and remains a classic even today. It shows a very real life view of mecha if they existed today. Basically, giant robots have become almost commonplace as construction tools in the near future in the late 1990's (this manga was printed in the 1980's). But as always, these labor saving devices are abused by humans for other purposes such as criminal pursuits and as such, the police are forced to invest into their own mechanized police labors. However, few officers are capable of this sort of piloting and as a result; this attracts some real oddballs and misfits into this new division. Lurking in the background is a ruthless company that seeks to build military labors and is desirous of actual test data against other labors. As a cost cutting measure, they decide to engineer a few conflicts with this new police division, leading to several sinister encounters balanced against some of the more comedic ones. It's quirky and charming with engaging characters that is this series' strength. The anime version of this series was well translated to the television screen, following much of the same storyline. They also created several animated movies though that do not seem to fit in the same continuity at all which I don't consider as part of the same universe and won't include in my rating and were fairly bad. Rating: 4 and 1/2 Stars.

14. Pokémon

Yes! I admit it! I actually watched some of this! I feel so ashamed but thee was nothing else on TV so I just sat there and watched one of the movies. I feel so ashamed! This show was just too juvenile for me, I swear I thought I could feel me brain starting to rot. Rating: 0 Stars.

15. The Prince of Tennis

I read the first couple of GNs and lost interest. I just could not stand the main character. He comes off as an arrogant jerk who beats up even more arrogant jerks. Not to mention that hitting the ball back and forth between panels got kinda boring and repetitive after a bit. Big deal. Who cares how they do it? Not to mention that they started creating these "special attacks" seemed just too unbelievable and over the top. Rating: 1 Star.

16. Project A-Ko

The first movie wasn't bad. I liked how they hinted that A-ko was the daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman. The sequels went off in weird directions and not the good sort of weird. Rating: 3 Stars (for the 1st Movie) and 1 Star for the sequels.

17. Ratman

I have only seen perhaps 2 of the GNs but it's looking interesting. A young boy wants to become a hero and is tricked into working for a criminal organization. However, he seems to discover that the heroes he so admires and looks up to; aren't quite the paragons of virtue he thought. It reminds me of Spider-Man in a sense; where the good guy is often maligned and treated like dirt in the press. If the storyline continues, I might have to upgrade the rating but it's looking intriguing so far. Rating: 3 Stars.

18. Rin-Ne

I flipped through this as again, Rumiko Takahashi wrote it. However, it seems like another supernatural/ghost story that I didn't care too much for. Like Inu-Yasha, it seemed like an odd mix of humor and horror. While Inu-Yasha leaned more towards the horror, RIN-NE leans more towards humor side. But the combination is lacking, neither of the genres meshes too well together, leaving the resulting manga falling flat in my opinion. Rating: 1 Star.

19. Robotech

The adaption of Robotech into a cartoon probably cemented my interest in anime when I was a kid. It wasn't the first one I saw, but this one left the biggest impression. The Robotech saga was the first cosmic soap opera that I saw and personally as a kid, I liked it more for the action sequences and the transforming jets and stuff and thought the rest of the stuff with the characters were a bit on the boring side. However, when I saw it again on videotape as an adult, I could appreciate it a bit more. The first part of this series; the Macross Saga was in my opinion, the best of the them all. The other two parts; the Robotech Masters and the Invid Invasion failed to really inspire me at all as I didn't really like the characters all that much. Rating: 3 Stars.

20. Rosario + Vampire

I read a few of the books, it's fairly amusing here and there. Vampire w/ Multiple Personality Disorder: one is a cute and innocent babe while the other is a murderous blood sucking fiend which is hell on her boyfriend. One personality adores him while the other seems to want to rip his face off for getting too familiar with her "other" personality. Usually, mixing comedy and the supernatural genres don't seem to work too well, but the author manages to pull it off by giving the whole high school vibe; sort of like a darker version of Hogwarts from Harry Potter. Rating: 3 and 1/2 Stars.

21. Rurouni Kenshin

Another series that I caught on TV and watched. The first parts were a little bit of the slow side and focusing more of character development but I have to admit that it was really the Kyoto Arc that was the best and most interesting part of the series. However, I feel that the rest of the series was a bit on the lame side. If you do feel like watching it, I'd suggest stopping after the Kyoto Arc. I have to admit that I liked the main character, Himura Kenshin quite a bit. The time period has always struck me as a very intriguing period in Japan's history and the series shows the trials and tribulations of Japan's cultural upheavals taking place with characters struggling to make sense of their new country and none more so than Kenshin who has forsaken his bloody path as a warrior and striving for peace instead. Rating: 3 Stars.

22. Saber Marionette

The Saber Marionette J anime was one of the more interesting series I've seen. Robot babes are the only women on an alien planet after the space colonists crash land on the planet and the only survivors are men. Their only solution is to clone themselves, resulting in an all-male society. The J series was the best one of the entire franchise; the sequels were pale attempts to continue what was otherwise a successful series that had a tragic conclusion and finale. However in trying to rewrite it that way, it just seems like they screwed up the ending and cheapened the Marionettes' courageous sacrifice where they should have let well enough alone. Rating: 4 Stars. The succeeding series Saber Marionette J Again and Saber Marionette J to X I consider as 1 Star.

23. Sailor Moon

Ugh. I caught bit and pieces of the TV series and was horrified. The manga was a bit better but it gets repetitive after a bit. I expect that it was the sailor suited outfits that really got to me; the whole concept was a bit stupid. Card Captor Sakura I think managed to escape that whole trap because she kept changing outfits week to week and that story had a definite beginning, middle, and ending; unlike Sailor Moon which seemed to be telling the same story over and over again with slightly different characters. Rating: 1 and 1/2 Stars.

24. Sakura Ganbaru

I’m pretty sure that Sakura Kusanago was originally intended to be a joke character created by the video game designers of “Street Fighter” video game franchise. But much like her predecessor Chun Li, her popularity was explosive and she became one of the fighting girl icons, typically representing the “cute tomboy schoolgirl” and even though there have been countless imitations but she remains the original. Instead of a joke character, she has grown and evolved into something much more. To take advantage of her enormous popularity, this manga series was produced with Sakura as the main character but the pages are populated with various guest stars from the “Street Fighter” video games which shows Sakura’s backstory with her obsession with Ryu, to her training under Dan Hibiki and the start of her rivalry with Karin Kanzuki, and embarking on a world wide tour to find Ryu to train under him and becoming friends with many of the Street Fighters including Ken, Chun Li, Cammy, Zangrief, and numerous others. While it helps if you are familiar with the backstories of the characters, the manga manages to tell the story without too much interruption for narration or exposition on just who all of these people are. The plots are a bit simplistic at times but the overall story moves forward fairly well and without dragging as Sakura seeks at first to meet the “man” who inspired her and then, to become someone worthy of his respect. Sadly, the story ends a bit on the abrupt side and then flash forwards a few years later to see Sakura has grown up a bit but hasn’t really changed too much. The artwork is excellent with clean lines and fighting moves but some of the backgrounds are a bit plain without much complexity as are some of the supporting characters are given merely cameo appearances. Sakura Ganbaru is strictly for kids who are Street Fighter fans. You will simply enjoy it more if you can follow things along. Otherwise, there isn’t much to recommend it as it is very juvenile and light hearted comedy without descending into hysterical side-splitting laughter nor much emotional depth or the pathos of the darker characters are merely glossed over or ignored. You won’t be seeing the depravity of M. Bison for example and it is several years old, having been published pre-"Street Fighter EX" so don’t expect to see the more recent Street Fighter game series characters making an appearance. So more mature fans might find it lacking and since it is for kids, there isn’t any fan service either. RATING: 3 AND 1/2 STARS.

25. Sakura Wars
26. Samurai Champloo
27. Samurai Jack
28. Samurai Shodown: The Motion Picture
29. Sand Land

Mainly I started reading it 'cause it was by the same guy who did Dragonball Z. I think it was one of his first works and it wasn't that great. Rating: 1/2 Star.

30. School Rumble

Poor in my opinion. It has the potential to be a rather funny and hysterical series; but I think the writer lacks the comedic timing to really succeed. In many cases, I think the gags are stupid and insipid. I recall one scene where one of the main characters, Tenma sought to confess her feelings to her crush and wrote a long rambling letter on a scroll. Her crush reads it for several panels and then starts all over again until it's night and then, blithely remarks "how the writer never put down their name". There are a number of scenes like that; they start off pretty good but fall flat. I gave up after the first three or four GNs, it just didn't seem all that funny to me. Rating: 2 Star.

31. Scrapped Princess
32. Sgt. Frog

A series that's not afraid to rip off anything. I've noticed references to Gundam, Evangelion, Lum, Street Fighter, and numerous others. The alien Keron race decide to invade Earth and send a group of elite soldiers as their primary scouts. Only when the good Sergeant is captured by the Hinata kids, the Keron Fleet realize that the invasion is compromised ... abandoning the scout force. Unwilling to allow the Sergeant to be a freeloader, the Hinata family decide to make him their housekeeper. A job which he seems to be pretty good at when he's not busy collecting Gundam models. Even though the rest of the platoon has been reunited and seek to complete their invasion of Earth, they are frequently hampered by the incompetence of their commander. It's heartening to know that even advanced aliens have incompetent boobs who have been promoted to positions of authority. Rating: 3 Stars.

33. Shaman King

Read a few GNs, but I didn't much care for it. The hero felt really lame to me. His main desire is "to live a peaceful life" which is philosophically OK, but he came off as being just really lazy and unmotivated and not very heroic at all. Rating: 1 Star.

34. Slam Dunk

I've started reading this series and have only gotten about 15 GNs into it, but I have to say that I'm not that impressed with it. The series is rather predictable at times. I suppose I'm jaded by several other sports manga that I've read, but this one follows a rather generic formula of a newbie player joining the school's sports team and facing the challenge of trying to get to the championship. It's fairly straightforward and there are moments of humor here and there, but I thought that none of the characters are really interesting enough to merit a really high rating. There was a genuineness about Sho Kazamatsuri from "Whistle!" and the insane wackiness of Yoichi Himura from "Eyeshield 21" that is missing from the series' characters. The storyline is decent and the games are very realistic and fast-moving, but it's sort of like reading about a basketball game instead of seeing it live. Even the "enemy basketball teams" that the main characters in Slam Dunk face off against are regular characters. There doesn't appear to be any genuine heated rivalry or out-and-out bad guys that they're playing against which makes it seem a bit on the boring side. All in all, it's decent, but it could be better. Rating: 3 Stars.

35. Slayers

I've only seen the first three anime series and I have to say that it is one of the better ones out there. The first series starts off a bit slow but it quickly picks up. I think the main drawing point to this series is that it is nothing like traditional sword 'n sorcery or fantasy. The main character, Lina Inverse is not a tall and busty heroine but rather short and definitely lacking in cup size. She's also greedy, a glutton, has a hair trigger temper, and her actions border on being a mercenary and thief. All in all, not the most heroic or noble of individuals, but despite that her outrageous personality endears you to her. Despite her attempts to live her carefree and irresponsible lifestyle, she is often forced to fight for good or at least her personal survival. She's a pretty funny character in my opinion and I even named her as one of my favorite characters on my other list. The series manage to find a balance between outrageous comedy and serious moments and aren't afraid to lampoon themselves here and there. There are also a bunch of OAV and movies which are less spectacular in my opinion and don't really seem to follow any real plot. Rating: 4 Stars for the regular anime series; (2 Stars for the OAVs!).

36. Slayers
37. Slayers NEXT
38. Slayers TRY
39. Slayers The Motion Picture
40. Speed Racer
41. Sorcerer Hunters
42. Street Fighter

I used to play the arcade game all the time and saw a few of the anime. The live action movies sucked though. Rating: 4 Stars (for the video games) and 2 Stars (for the anime). The live action movies rate a big fat 0 in my opinion.

43. Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
44. Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation
45. Teen Titans

The Teen Titans weren’t the first group of superheroes but they were the youngest and consisted of the sidekicks to the older, more established heroes. Originally stylized as a Junior Justice League and each sidekick in many ways were simply a carbon copy of their mentor but they evolved and grew into their own distinct voice. Happily, this cartoon series captures that voice by focusing on a eclectic cast of characters of Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, and Robin; aping the glory days of Marv Wolfman and George Perez. With that broad range of characters of a high-tech hero, a mystic, an alien, a street vigilante, and the adopted child of a family of superheroes; you have a very broad range of stories that you can get into and the guys behind this series weren’t afraid to tap into all of those ideas and the storylines were truly great, involving, and distinct. The five main characters were all great as well; each of them has their own distinct personality and often times, the comedy comes from the interactions between the group. Animation wise, the Titans were a very unique and distinctively anime-inspired which I thought was a very nice change in direction from the Bruce Timm-style of all of the men having huge upper bodies with teeny slender legs. What I think hurt the Titans was that they were limited to the various villains and foes of the Titans had faced; they never battled say the Joker from Batman or ran into one of Lex Luthor’s schemes or Gorilla Grodd’s nefarious plots. Nevertheless they did do something right with their version of Deathstroke the Terminator as Slade. He was a great horrific villain but in some ways, I found him a bit lacking as he was never really given an origin, a back story, or an explanation as to why he was a villain or constantly tormenting the Titans after Robin rejected being his apprentice. I also thought that his name to be lacking as well. I mean Slade is a perfectly decent name but it just can't quite equal Deathstroke or the Terminator. I will give them credit that they revamped and updated dozen of old, musty villains from Trident to Mad Mod but the Titans were left in their own distinct and limited corner of the DC-verse. As the later seasons rolled around, they seemed to be getting goofier and goofier in terms of villains and certain joke episodes were getting more tiresome than a nice change—the characters of the Ding Dong Daddy and Control Freak being some of the dumber ones. They never even encountered Batman for that matter, which I thought was a disappointment as an episode with him and Robin would have been a very compelling one I think. Even the creators realized that and tried to broaden their base by reintroducing the Doom Patrol, but I have to admit that I wasn’t that disappointed when they retired the franchise rather than letting them linger with horrible storylines. The voice actors were brilliant in their roles and I thought that Scott Menville (Robin) and Tara Strong (Raven) were truly outstanding. Greg Cipes (Beast Boy) was one of the more funny voices that I can ever remember hearing; having a bit of high-pitched with a bit of lisp that made him very distinctive. But one of the truly awesome voice actors didn't even belong to a regular cast member but Ron Perlman (Slade). Perlman had a great vocal range; coming off as low, melodious and almost seductive voice when talking and doing his "I'm so smart speeches" and then suddenly shifting to an animalistic growling and screaming during his fighting sequences. Nevertheless, the Teen Titans were a terrific show with a broad range of stories from the fantastical, to the mystical, and to dark criminal noir. It was a very enjoyable show and a very different take on superhero cartoons that I think both children and adults would enjoy. RATING: 3 and 1/2 STARS.

46. Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

Based on the recent anime-inspired Teen Titans series, this movie was a suitable grand finale for the Titans as I felt that the final season didn’t really focus on the five core Titans as much as it was a guest star Titan-poolza where they tried to stick in every single character that made even a minor appearance in the television series. While it was a decent end to the series, I felt they had overdone it and left the original five Titans as though they were guest starring in their own series plus they failed to stick in the sinister Slade (Deathstroke the Terminator). The movie shows the Titans moving out of their comfort zone of Jump City to investigate a mysterious villain known as Brushogun who was behind an attack on their Tower HQ, leading them to Japan. It’s a good move as the Titans find themselves lost in this new and unfamiliar setting and that they might very well be totally superfluous as Tokyo has it’s own group of stalwart protectors and guardians and that Brushogun is a mere myth. Beast Boy and Cyborg decides they should take a well deserved vacation, Raven wanders off, and Robin and Starfire are struggling to evolve as a couple. The story picks up as the Titans begin to realize that Brushogun is no mere myth after Robin is framed for murder and arrested, reuniting the Titans who were drifting apart. There is a good plot twist at the end where it is discovered that Brushogun is not exactly the mysterious villain behind the scenes but has been reduced to a victim seeking help. Aside from a well moving plot with excellent sub-plots including some nice romance between the eternal couple of Robin and Starfire but some nice comedic interludes with Beast Boy and Cyborg; the various voice actors are at the top of their game, particularly the new characters of Brushogun as portrayed by Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Commander Daizo as played by Keone Young. The animation style of the movie is based upon the same unique, anime style from the series that I found as lively and humorous before along with it’s stellar quality in the action sequences. I also have to admit that I also enjoyed the appearance of so many anime-based characters from Kikaider, Godzilla, and Astro Boy who masqueraded as Brushogun’s minions. Overall, the movie was a wonderful final show as it contained everything that made the Teen Titans television series such a solid hit for me and fans. If you loved the series, then you’ll love this the Titans’ last hurrah. Titan Fans, GO! And watch this movie! RATING: 4 STARS!!!!

47. Tenchi Muyo

If there is one thing that I think that will kill the Tenchi Muyo franchise is a lack of consistency. It has come out with several different TV series and it frequently reinvents the characters in each one; making changes that sometimes makes it difficult to understand just what is going on. On one hand, it helps keep the series fresh, but trying to keep track of the multiple histories results in utter confusion. Is the Tenchi Masaki we're watching the grandson of an alien prince, the future heir to the Jurai Empire, and quite possibly the most powerful being in the universe? Or is this Tenchi the normal one with no powers whatsoever or connection to Jurai? Or the Tenchi who inherits a magical sword from his mother? Or is this the Tenchi who has a younger sister Sasami who is secretly a magical girl? And he is far from the only one who suffers from these reinventions in each series. In my own personal opinion, the first original OAV series was one of the best. It had a frantic energy and a fairly coherent plotline; there are strong connections between each character and their histories are intermeshed with one another that seems to be lacking in the later series. Rating: 3 Stars.

48. Tenjho Tenge

I read the first two GN by CMX which suffered from being censored and cut scenes which prompted me to simply drop it. Still, the eye popping transformation scene of Maya Natsume is not to be missed. I understand that they're re-releasing the series, only uncut this time so maybe I'll give it another try. Rating: 2 Stars.

49. Those Who Hunt Elves
50. Tiger & Bunny

Ever since I was a kid I was fascinated with superheroes and I genuinely enjoyed this series as rarely do superheroes get explored in Japanese anime. What I truly liked was the freshness and originality of this series as it takes a look at just how would superheroes be treated like if they really did exist in the real world. They would be like media superstars, pop idols, and sports megastars combined. There would a whole industry based upon them. And with the pervasiveness of reality TV, rampant commercialism, and corporate sponsorship trends, it takes a logical step in that these heroes would become the same. It’s jarring at first to see all of these logos plastered over the superheroes’ uniforms until one realizes that NASCAR racers go around as walking billboards in their racing uniforms—why wouldn’t superheroes do the same as corporate mascots? It’s a brilliant concept. Unlike a lot of other anime series, this one had a truly exceptional plotline with a definite beginning, middle, and ending. It also had two truly engaging characters of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi (Wild Tiger) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Bunny) who are both compelling for their own separate reasons. But I have to admit that Kotetsu is my own personal favorite. Considered a washed up superhero notorious for his destructive rampages and tendency to disobey orders out in the field where he prioritizes saving lives over looking good on camera. When his corporate sponsors are bought out, he finds himself forced to team up with Barnaby against his will. And since Barnaby is much more successful and popular, Kotetsu has been reduced to a “sidekick” role and Barnaby’s foil to boost his popularity. He’s so unpopular that he can’t even give away his trading cards to little kids. But as the series progresses, we get to see that despite through all of the glitz and glamor, attention seeking, and corruption inside their "industry"; these heroes still cling to their values and ideals. The animation is superb with tremendously detailed and amazingly lifelike CGI for the various super-suits worn by the heroes and certain suits have incredibly good effects such as Fire Emblem’s cape which always has a crackling flame image. Personally, I prefer the Japanese voice actors over the dubbed English voice actors as being better in their performances even though you have to read the subtitles. The music is also well done, switching from lighter background music to more dramatic opera singing for the darker scenes which contributes to the feel of the series. This series is one of the very best damn anime that I have seen recently and my only real complaint I had was that it ended far too soon! I hope that they make a sequel and hopefully they do it right too. It has real potential to be continued. RATING: 5 STARS!!!!!

doublezeroduckon Jan. 31, 2012 at 8:04 p.m.

Great list. good to read about each one. We have exact opposite tastes i think but i'm looking forward to the rest, whenever you get it done.

SMXLR8on April 9, 2014 at 7:35 a.m.

I am sorry but by the looks of the page 1 this list is terrible since you think your opinions are fact. I also did not like that you think being "mature has anything to do with cartoons , If you bring that topic up I say you should stop watching them sine you are too old to watch it .

takashichea moderator on April 14, 2014 at 9:44 p.m.

@SMXLR8 said:

I am sorry but by the looks of the page 1 this list is terrible since you think your opinions are fact. I also did not like that you think being "mature has anything to do with cartoons , If you bring that topic up I say you should stop watching them sine you are too old to watch it .

What does that mean? Snowymountain is one of top reviewers in Anime Vice, Anime Vice 2013's Top Reviewers. This is what I'm talking about, your attitude issues. You should never tell someone that they're too old to watch anime. That's a lot of disrespect.

SMXLR8on April 14, 2014 at 10:22 p.m.

@takashichea: come on taka , that is not what I meant . It was more to get my point across also me and snowy are cool now

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