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Well, this weekend my destination was New Hampshire to hit the ski slopes! I had just enough dough in my pocket to be able to afford one lift ticket, and I intended toget the most out of the lifts that I could. I was gonna really cut loose and tear it up!

So, I was gonna be heading out early on Thursday morning because I had to drop my brother off at Logan Airport (BOS) on the way. We were carrying a cargo of surf-boards as he was moving to Hawaii until November. His flight was six and the airport was an hour and a half away, so we left at four o'clock Ante Meridiem, got him on the plane then proceeded north, toward Bretton Woods and so many hundreds of feet of verticle drop.

Disaster struck!

A head cold! Oh, no!

So, instead of hitting the slopes, I ended up hitting the sack. I took enough meds to knock me out, and I played Star Ocean 2 on my PSP from most of Thursday to about eleven Post Meridiem last night (Saturday.) I think in total I logged about thirty hours on the game.

I did hit the snowmobile trails for about a half an hour or so yesterday when I was feeling a little better, but didn't want to spend too much time in the cold, so I didn't risk an extended jaunt.

Now I am home with all my cash still in pocket, and a slightly sore throat. Oh well, I saved some money, maybe I'll go out and pick up my comics.
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