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favorite anime characters

the coolest anime characters in my opinion
1. Guyver

the bionic zoanoid killer

2. Casshern

the robot hunter, he would give the guyver a run for his money

3. 8-Man

him, the guyver, and casshern should have a triple threat match

4. Mephisto

i really liked the character, but not much is known about him, a demon city shinjuku prequel that focused on him would be cool

5. Ryu

i liked the one from the tv series better than the film, only because it showed more of ryu and ken's history

6. Joe Higashi

he brought comedy to fatal fury

7. Terry Bogard

he defeated mars the god of war

8. Chun Li

the fight between her and vega in the motion picture was totally awesome

9. M.Bison

it took both ryu and ken to beat the motion picture version, although he still held his own when fighting them both

10. Kazuya Mishima

he ran through almost everyone like they weren't even there, once he embarced his darkside, heihachi was obsolete

11. Rebi Ra

the demon city shinjuku bad ass boss

12. Jubei Kibagami

the baddest ninja

13. Akira

the baddest of the psychics, him vs.jean grey would be a great battle

14. Parn

the medivel warrior

15. D

the son of dracula

16. Dante

the demon hunter for hire, i also liked the video games

17. Sam Winchester

part of the brother duo who aim to rid the world of the supernatural

18. Dean Winchester

sam's older brother is the women loving, beer drinking, demon slaying son of a bitch

19. Kenshiro

the fist of the north star

20. Ken Masters

ryu's equal, and best friend

21. Kyoya Izayoi

the master of the wooden sword, he eventually kills rebi ra

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