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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

to prove my point that you are all doubting goku's power goku will win thanks to his regeneration but only thanks to that not to his power that is not as high as you guys think

read my previous post to see why

and cooler did survive being shot in the sun and was easly defeated by ssj1 so you are wrong

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

i got this from the site you told me to look what is allowed and what is not

Examples of powers and weapons that aren’t allowed in a HtH/Melee fight:

- Energy blasts

- Any kind of projectiles

- Offensive telepathy

- Summoning

- Transmutation

- Any kind of “negative touch” where you can harm an opponent by touching them (e.g. freezing, death touch, disintegration, paralysis, etc.). Even though these are technically melee range attacks, they are considered beyond the range of HtH abilities.

- Telekinesis

- Knives/blades that aren’t part of the combatant’s body

- Flight (questionable, it could be argued to be allowed)

- Teleportation (questionable, but the argument can be made that, like super speed, all it does is increase your maneuverability, so it could be argued to be allowed)

- Thunderclaps(see this not allowed to bad)

Examples of powers and weapons that are allowed in a HtH/Melee fight:

- Super strength

- Super speed (although sometimes it is disallowed, but by default it’s accepted)

- Precognition

- Regeneration

- Martial arts that use pressure points on the opponent’s body (although it might seem to fall under the “negative touch” rule, it’s really no other special power than a physical attack, combined with a little knowledge)

- Properties inherent to one of the combatants’ bodies that don’t give them any other advantage than letting them physically attack more effectively (for example, stretching, blades or other features that are part of the combatant’s body, etc.)

Note that these are not anywhere near complete lists, they’re just supposed to give you a general guideline. Also, the OP may overrule or amend any of these conditions.

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

it says if you read right powerclaps are not allowed to be used

it also says: Any kind of “negative touch” where you can harm an opponent by touching them (e.g. freezing, death touch, disintegration, paralysis, etc.). Even though these are technically melee range attacks, they are considered beyond the range of HtH abilities.

dragonfist on close combat is allowd

because it is not from distance

so you just prove his clapping is not allowd

who is the retard know ??

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

@Whats_out_the_bag said:

@Jean199999:I know right. Not even worth replying to. I'll be adding this to the face palm awards.

dont believe it here is prove

who is the fool know dumbass

Lifting weights is a PUSHING MOTION.

You exert as much force as possible, as consistently as possible, to lift the heaviest weight you can. During a pushing motion, the object is moved by you first establishing contact and exerting force over a relatively extended period of time.

The natural progression of lifting weights is to lift heavier. Of course, everyone tries to lift fast but once they’re able to lift something, the next step is to lift HEAVIER. Speed is not the focus, strength is. Unfortunately many beginner fighters falsely believe punching to be the same pushing motion. These beginners think the goal of punching is to push their fist with as much force as possible to penetrate their opponent as hard as possible.

Examples of sports with PUSHING motions (all of these also have snapping motions):

  • sprinting
  • gymnastics
  • football
  • wrestling
  • weightlifting

Punching is a SNAPPING MOTION.

A snapping motion is to exert as much force as possible in the least amount of time. With a snapping motion, you accelerate your hand towards the object and then use the IMPACT of that acceleration to exert force.

Suppose you want to punch fast. The goal would be to explode on your opponent with the fastest punch possible and make contact with your opponent with the shortest amount of time. A punch is not a push, it’s a quick explosion, an accelerated force that reaches maximum power upon contact. When lifting weights, you can take a few seconds to exert your strength. When punching an opponent, you don’t have this luxury of time–he has to feel your power right when you touch him. Your fist must SNAP upon impact and return quickly so you can throw other punches or go back on defense. The speed requirement of punching increases the explosive damage your opponent feels. Lifting weights has far less emphasis on speed, which costs you EXPLOSIVE power.

Examples of sports with SNAPPING motions:

  • tennis
  • baseball (hitting, not throwing)
  • golf
  • volleyball

Pushing vs Snapping

The main difference between a pushing motion and a snapping motion is the amount of contact time made and the consistency of energy committed. Compare the bodies of these different types of athletes. If weightlifting improved snapping movements, wouldn’t professional volleyball players be lifting weights so they could spike the ball harder? If weightlifters had punching advantages, they would all be strong punchers, right?

Pushing definitely allows you to move heavier objects because you have more time to apply force. Snapping allows you to apply more explosive force (damage) because you have the freedom to accelerate. You could say that pushing is like throwing a baseball, whereas snapping is like spiking a volleyball. Both are powerful movements but punching is definitely more like snapping than pushing.

An explosive punch is 99.99% snap, and 0.01% push.

Lifting weights will not train you to relax and only makes your body slow during the contraction phase of the punch. If you’re so use to exerting force over a period of several seconds, how will you be able to exert maximum force in only a split second? The simple answer is that you can’t (or you won’t be as good at it).

Proper punching requires snapping movement (exerting maximum force in the shortest time possible). Unfortunately, most fighters are only taught the proper punching form, which is easy to teach because you can see it. Technique on the other hand, has to be felt and has to be taught. It’s a special skill requiring a combination of timing and visualization. Now you understand why an old skillful boxer can still punch harder than a young athletic kid. It’s because he’s mastered the timing of relaxing his body and then contracting his muscles in the right moment to deliver the explosive power.

jean and whats out of the bag check facts before you make fun of some one if he is right you are the one who look dumb not the other guy

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

speed of goku is reduced to hulks speed so your comment does not make sense saying it and it is also HAND TO HAND so claping is not allowed if goku had normal speed it would be 2.3 times light speed fast enough to dodge sound

also the lifting power of the hulk is not important so keeping the continent together does nog matter either

you use differenct muscles to lift and punch

if you lift things you use muscles who you prepare for it if you use them to punch you use different muscles.

if you lift things you only train those muscles not the muscles to punch

goku does not train his power to lift but to punch so he is stronger then the power he can weight

hulk i have only heard that he lifts are hold together heavy things that does not prove the power of his punches

not saying he is weak but lesser powerfull in hand to hand then at lifthing/ throwing stuff

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

really i thougth is was filler will look that up then just a minute


you're right but it is also stated that grand kai's planet is simmelar to king kai's planet only bigger does that also mean that the gravity is the same that would increase the (lifting it was shadow boxing not lifting ) goku did would be on normal terms not 40 t but 400t

that would also make a big difference in my earlier calculations

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

i did use the 40 tonnes but you know that was filler they just wanted to show ssj

and hulk wins always as long as he regeneration anyway

because the one time goku puches aside 2 parts of a mountain non ssj against frieza

and buu sage he is lifting 40 tons

dbz is very inaccurate about there power anyway they are strong when they need too

edit * how can you even hold a continent together if you grab a rock on one side and on the other side it will break lose form the continent i think the hulk was dreaming are something when he did that

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Battles » World Breaker Hulk vs Goku

one question why does goku loses his speed ki flight etc. but hulk holds all his skill if you want to make it fair then they can only go hand to hand no cheap trick are so (also let hulk lose his regenrating bull shit not count in this one)

i think you all made a little mistake there is nowere prove of goku strength but last time i saw a little movie on this site ( ) here they use something called the gravity formula (they test gokus strength speed stamina extra ki output i know that this is not used but i hope to make a end to this stupid talks between goku and hulk )

in DBZ before the fights with BUU goku base can lift just under 40 tons (GT and this would be much more but is no prove of weigth so i use this it is probaly much more i guess 2 to hunderd times stronger in dbGThe trained uub for a long time and goku is a sayan the more he fights the stronger he gets so i guess between the 2 and 100 times is about correct)

if you can see in the gravity formula from base to ssj4 increase's base strength 5000 times (kaio ken increases the CURRENT STRENGTH times the amount of kaio ken 20 times makes a formula of ) 40ton = 40,000*5,000*20= 40,000,000 tons (this is at the very start of buu SAGA dont forget that )*

if you take the en of gt goku would be around a different lvl gt base goku is stronger then ssj1 dbz goku that would make the formula would be

400,000*5,000*20= 400,000,000 tons if you want to use the real strength of goku you have to use omega shenron powerlvl who was joking around against goku surpassed limits. And vegeta ssj4. making him stronger then goku base times 5000. By absorbing his power that would make goku at least 5000 times stronger (IN BASE) that would make his new power ios

40,000(kg)*5000=200,000,000kg = 200,000tons (this would be atleast his base strength taking it at least over 5000 would make him easly on par with world war hulk are any other hulk)

200,000*5,000=1,000,000,000 tons (not used allowd kaio ken times 20 yet makes the weigth goku can lift at least)

20,000,000,000 tons (this is probaly way to low taking in account that omega shenron is i guess triple to four times stronger then goku ssj4 that would make goku base would be 20,000 his orginal do that times 40 tons *5000*20=goku's ssj4 real strength end GT (probaly far more if you look at the fact at the start of gt goku could easly lift more then 40 tons )

gokus real strength in (lifting tons incorrect) it would be shadown punching and kicking meaning going so fast the human i can't follow the speed =

40*20,000= 80,000 tons (BASE)

80,000*5000=4,000,000,000tons (ssj4)

4,000,000,000* 20= (kaio ken20)

80,000,000,000 tons (goku end of GT in ssj4 kaio ken times 20 ) this is without the calculated training he gets from a DRAGON that would make it more. (not to forget at the real end of GT 100 years later he is walking as a grown up men on earth again so that makes it impossible to see who wins )

not forgetting goku has the dragon ball inside him self (that sounds very wrong i know) so he can wish things and it will happen

so i think goku at the end of GT would overpower hulk. even that gokus speed is the same as the hulk goku has still a better chance of dodging punch the size of the hulk is so big goku has a easier way of doging the punches on the other hand the hulks hands are bigger so have better chance of hitting someone

goku is a martial arts master that gives him an advantage over a guy who just punches randomly without any form or control.

know it is much sorry and sorry for BAD ENGLISH

about hulk lifting that mountain dont forget mountains are on the ground he does not lift the entire mountain a part is still on the ground of it he stops it from crumbeling apart on the other heroes

so he did not lift the entire mountain so you now that already.

i know speed does not matter her but goku ssj4 speed is 2.3 light speed also this is calculated from before buu sage so probaly a bit more know around 3 to 4 times lightspeed

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