Sigue (Level 8)

Sigue is not afraid of threats and will continue to push Cyder down the path of Love.
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It's an easy choice. Trigun has never betrayed me, whereas I've been burned by Haruhi before. I have nothing but the most sincere anticipation for what's sure to be an action-packed carnival of delicious fun. Haruhi, well... We'll see. I don't exactly trust Kadokawa and KyoAni.
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While I'm not partcicularly interested in loli, banning it sets a dangerous precedent. There are victims in real child pornography, a child being taken advantage of. However, loli/shotacon is merely a representation of child pornography. You are, in effect, banning the idea of child pornography. When some strange man in Japan draws a doujin where a little girl gets raped, nobody is actually hurt. When someone else buys or downloads it for whatever reason, nobody is hurt. How can you justify destroying someone's that doesn't affect you in the least? Moreover, ideas should be protected under the principle of freedom of expression, one of the fundamental principles of Western democracy.
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I've enjoyed One Piece much better than Fairy Tail. I've found the characters more original and interesting in One Piece, and I also enjoyed the action more. Fairy Tail suffers from terrible villains and the recycled jokes get old very fast. Both anime suffer from the usual problems of the genre, but I found Fairy Tail couldn't really deliver on the action sequences. The little animation whenever they use a power really disrupts the flow of the scenes, which is already pretty bad in the first place. One Piece is the kind of shounen and I don't expect that to change any time soon.
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I was playing around with my new camera and I took a picture of my nemesis. You can actually see the malice in his eyes.
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As long as it's the SINS version. I loves me some Casshern.
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