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Just Anime » Understanding the "Ah!My goddess" series and how it might end

This series is like "I dream of Jeannie" or "Bewitched" in a way since the guy has a magical girlfriend or wife.Big difference here is that some guys might say there girlfriend is as beautiful as a goddess but this guy’s girlfriend is a literal goddess!.Even though Belldandy might seem way overidealized like a naive housewife from a 50’s era show or movie it’s b/c she’s based on the concept of the idealized Japanese woman yamato nadeshiko (Japanese wild carnation) which cant be simply defined as a pushover domestic image of a women ( ... oNadeshiko). In the end though I find Belldandy's sweetness and naiveness to be as endearing as like...Goku's naiveness out of lack of better examples.After a following this series for the short while I have so far I see that a lot of stuff that happens overshadows that image (kind of) b/c that personality trait really helps when there's big trouble.I mean Bell can very much be tuff when push comes to shove.Most of the romance comedy in my opinion comes from the regular and magical shenangins between ppl. What I still dont get is how they can frequently bring up reoccurring questions like how evenly can the couple reciprocate for each other,will Bell ever have to leave,cant they live normal lives,is there an extent as to out of how much free agency are they doing all this etc.I mean cant a lot of those question be resolved if Belldandy and Keichi had a really long and detailed talk about the wish contract and themselves in one sitting?.Also the system force will make it so that Belldandy's practically Keichi's only choice for a wife,wont it?.What's a bummer and I guess'll complicate things is how that Keichi will keep on aging while Belldandy only ages a little if all,right?.Or was there something in the wish that made him ageless or age little?.Cant they only stay forever into the afterlife if Keichi becomes deified somehow?.Seeing as how it's marginally based on Norse mythology I guess maybe if they say Keichi is like a descendant of Siegfried/Sigurd... Also is there any chance that the series will come to a close anytime soon?.Maybe with a wedding story that I'm rooting for?.
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Dragon Ball » Is Ki Magic?

@Newdeath said:

No. Ki is based of the concept of qi or chi that in turns means the life-force within the human body in Japanese and Chinese culture. It isn't magic. ND

The way it's depicted to do very extraordinary things though make's it different but it's not quite magic (although I could easily see a character with magic using it to complement magic powers).Personally I would consider the best way to describe ki to be a nigh-ubiquitous biophysical power similar to "the force" in the Star wars franchise.It might be quasi-mystical but then agian aliens who haave no magic have been shown to use it so maybe it's also like a cosmic energy and/or force thing.

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Off-Topic » Hi Im new and goodbye thread

Hi I'm sidetrack.To be honest with you I'm more into american comics then anime and manga although I admire it for being much more diverse genre wise.With the help of you people I'm hoping I can have fun on this site.

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Just Anime » Fight choreography in different anime shows

Is there any way to tell which anime has the best fight choregraphy of the following? Would it be one that looks accurate and compelling,one that has had lots of real world research put into it or is it all about aesthetics which might focus on one aspect like bombastic power?

Some shows I'm thinking about in particular for a like comparitive analysis are Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai:ressurection in particular since it's the only one I watched),Naruto,Digimon series 1&2 and DBZ.For instance in Afro Samurai:Ressurection there was an obvious emphasis on armed combat and the fight themselves with all their movements kind of told a story but they never really dealed with to much over the stuff besides some robots.Their was also a lot of blood which added to it's aesthetic.

In Naruto you get a whole diversity of fighting styles added with idiosyncratic repertoire of moves both physical and non-physical.Digimon being a monster anime also showed a whole bunch of idiosyncratic moves (not as much but more powerful then Pokemon) but there your also dealing with non-humanoid beings.It was a good chance to see humanoid beings vs. giant beings though like in the Metalgarurumon & Wargreymon vs. Melomyotismon fight.

What people think about the fight choreography in DBZ is what I'm most curious about.I mean in the original DB the fights were at least always visible which was'nt always the case in DBZ which infamously used recycled animation sequences and emphasised energy moves to deliver the bombastic and frenzied power struggles which so many came to love.I'm totally open on people's opinions on the fights in these anime shows and anymore.

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Dragon Ball » What sets apart the Dragonball series from other manga and anime?

Something pretty prominent about the Dragonball series that I've noticed that sets it apart from some other anime and manga is that it is'nt very like deep or philosophical compared to some other stuff like Ghost in the shell,Evangelion,RahXephon or even other Shonen manga/anime like Pokemon,Digimon and Monster rancher which at times in the anime have at times even been introspective ussually with regards to the character development.It has'nt ever really made such a big thing out of romance either besides telling about the relationships of certain characters but never really getting to far into that.Personally I would really like to have known what it meant to Bulma to have known someone as amazing as Goku who she has a bit of a sibling like relationship early on in the original Dragonball and continues supporting him somehow throughout Z and GT to a less prominent extent (that little reminisce she had in last episode of GT did'nt really do it for me).Essentially it simmers down to good vs. evil and fighting.Despite that simplistic formula it sure does a heck of a job delivering good stories through out the franchise and I think that if the series was a bit introspective it would have lost some of it's appeal.I've also frequently heard that "it does'nt take itself to sriously" although I dont really know what that means.If anyone can detect some deep philosophical stuff in the DB series (not the mythology though,I know the very 1st storyline in DB is based on "Journey to the West") I'd really be interested to check that out.Anything else that seperates this series from others?.
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Dragon Ball » Are the Z fighters super heroes?

Whether DBZ was a super hero anime is pretty debatable.It's not like a Japanese superhero show or cartoon like Ultraman,Super Sentia or the Tatsunoko company cartoons.The only ones who like embraced the idea of being superheroes were Gohan and Videl as Siayaman and Saiyawoman and it seemed for the most part that they were'nt viewed as vigilantes to be hounded by the public despite any good they've done but were happily embraced and trusted by people.I mean superficially even though the Z fighters dont like wear individual costumes they apparently have superpowers in the form of their flight,strength,speed,stamina and ki based abilities.What's critical to note however is the fact that any human can have those abilities it's just that there not very common and obtaining them is very physically intensive.There mostly martial artists with a common sense of self-righteousness and a call to duty to any enemies that cant be stopped by conventional means.Does this mean DBZ is'nt a superhero cartoon though even if only from the Western perspective?

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Dragon Ball » Could someone identity the character in this picture?

The guy in green under the Neo-Namekian does anyone know his character class and such like whethers he's a spiritualist or martial artist and/or a new crane or new turtle school practioner etc.?.

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