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Will someone please license this!

These are my favorite shows that aren't available in the US. It's ordered from most desired and I tried not to include stuff that's kinda not really licensed already like a movie or follow-up to a show that is licensed already.

Show that were proudly removed from this list due to licensing

  • Katanagatari (NISA 2011)
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (Funimation 2012)
  • Time of Eve (JP version with English subs released in the US)
  • Amagami SS (Sentai 2011)
  • House of Five Leaves (NISA 2012)
  • Zettai Karen Children (Sentai 2012)
  • Book of Bantorra (Sentai 2012)
  • Kure-nai (Sentai 2012)
  • Hatsukoi Limited (Sentai 2012)
  • Usagi Drop (NISA 2012)
  • Aoi Hana (Lucky Penny 2013))
  • Michiko to Hatchin (Funimation 2013)
  • Hanasaku Iroha (NISA 2013)
  • Cat God (NISA 2013)
  • Nisemonogatari (Aniplex 2013)
  • Myself;Yourself (Maiden Japan 2014)
  • School Days (Discotek 2014)
1. Kaiba
3. Mitsudomoe
4. Erin
5. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
6. Chihayafuru
7. You and Me
8. Himitsu: Top Secret ~The Revelation~
9. Kuroko's Basketball
10. Real Drive

The GitS guy did another show about cyborgs and miracle computer networks, there's moe characters, there's action, the story is nice... and licensers avoided it like the plague.

11. Library Wars
12. Minamike

The whole franchise

13. Dennou Coil
EquitasInvictuson Jan. 9, 2011 at 5:45 p.m.
I meant to post this yesterday but I happened to hit my post limit for that day. Oops! 

I liked and am familiar with a little less than half of this list, and while I'm completely unfamiliar with the rest, I'd say 8/8 is more than enough for me to trust your judgment on the rest - so not only would I recommend it, but I'll even make some comments: 
School Days - That'd be a hard sell. I mean on a similar vein Clannad, Air and Kanon are h-game based anime with licenses but those anime tuned things down for wider audiences. It would be something I'd buy, especially if they dubbed it - that'd be interesting! Especially that last episode...
Panty & Stocking - I wonder if they realize the makers of the Powerpuff Girls might try to take legal action against it if it ended up in American soil, that'd be something I'd fear about that being licensed - I would not want their makers to lose money on this. 
Mitsudomoe - YES! I feel like it'd be interesting to for its rights to pass through Adult Swim, even, if they wanted to go that far with the license and dub it.   
White Album - I really found that series intriguing and considering how little I've heard of it since, I feel like it's pretty underrated. I'd really like this to be licensed as well.  
Minamike - Yeah, if they'd license Hidamari Sketch which is essentially shares its genre and is similar in popularity, they definitely need to license Minamike.  
Amagami SS - Heh, I just reviewed this. I'd buy almost all of the arcs, can you guess what would be the only arc I wouldn't buy? 
Myself; Yourself - Oh man, that was such an interesting anime! I wish there were more anime along the vein of this and School Days. 
Sweet Blue Flowers - Aoi Hana definitely deserves a license. It's probably one of the most appealing and engaging shows I've watched of its kind! 
Again, great list!

Destinyheroknighton Feb. 16, 2011 at 2:30 p.m.
I don't know about School Days (If it did got license, I'll have to pick it up)
But the rest, I fully agree with you
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