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I was going to make a thread about this but I figured I might as well as get the quest for making a blog.  This is a quick run down of what I'm watching this season and why I'm watching it.  Some of it new shows and some of it is continuing shows. 
Angel Beats 
I didn't know anything about this show when I first checked it out but I'm really enjoying it.  I saw the first few minutes of episode 1 and thought, "wow, they really just ripped Haruhi Suzumiya from her show and plopped her in to this one."  I still feel that way but you know what?  Haruhi is a cool character and not too many shows (I can't think of any, but just in case a few do exist) have copied her so well.  On top of that, Haruhi never really had serious death, gunfights, great rock AMVs and sword fights.  Plus this is drawn really well.  All of that combined to create something that feels familiar, yet unique and I'm loving it. 
Bleach is like comfort food to me.  It's not particularly good but they throw in enough fights and characters with interesting looking abilities to keep the kid in me happy.  On average, it's only mediocre but when they hit their stride it can be hilarious or deliver a great fight, which is all I'm really expecting it to do. 
House of Five Leaves 
I'm enjoying this one.  It's not particularly funny, there is close to zero action, there doesn't seem to be an overarching plot and it's episodic in the sense that each episode is it's own self-contained story... yet I anticipate it every week.  I really enjoy the characters in this show and the interactions that they have with each other.  That's what keeps me coming back for more.  They could never introduce a steady storyline and I'd be totally satisfied with this show and sing its praise. 
The Tatami Galaxy 
I'm only one episode deep on this show, but I can tell it's going to be a keeper for me.  I like the art style of it and the deviant nature of the characters.  It also makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis.  The only negative, and it's a minor negative, is that it's probably the first show where I'm glued to the bottom of the screen for significant chunks of time.  Some of the characters talk at rocket speed for extended periods of times and the subtitles are flying by. 
There's a part of me that deeply enjoys disturbing and depressingly spirit-breaking anime.  Rainbow hits on a lot of that for me.  I don't find any of the characters to be appealing or particularly interesting, but their current situation and setting hold my interest. 
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama 
Every season I try to find one serious romance and one jokey silly non-super fanservice romance that I can latch on to.  A while back Itazura na Kiss was filling that role and this season Kaichou wa is doing it for me.  The dynamics between the male and female leads reminds me of Special A (I think it's Special A) but I couldn't get into Special A at all. 
Senkou no Night Raid 
I'm enjoying this one.  It's got a good mix action and interesting short stories that I enjoy a lot.  I'm all for huge overarching plots, but I also enjoy when a show can get in and get out in 24 minutes and execute it really well. 

B Gata H Kei 
For a show about a girl who wants to have sex with 100 people, this show is surprisingly tame and not as ultra panty shot as I figured it would be, which I'm enjoying.  The first episode is packed with that and I figured I'd drop it, which you might think as contradictory considering the next anime I'm going to list, but the next two really toned it down and it's settled into silly and sweet little romance with more awkward and clumsy situation than I can shake a fist at.
Kiss x Sis 
Hmmm.... there's not much I can really say about this one.  It reminds me of Kanokon, a show that I watched and enjoyed but I really felt bad about watching and enjoying.  Some shows have an it's not what it looks like thing or an it's so much more than just that thing going for them.  Kanokon and Kiss x Sis don't really have that.  It's just jokes and ultra pervy stuff. 
Naruto Shippuuden 
An odd choice to follow up Kiss x Sis, but it's what came to mind.  I love Naruto.  Alot of things that I love about Bleach are the same things I love about Naruto, except Naruto actually has a storyline rather than just plot twists.  This season should have a bunch of great fights back-to-back that I've been very excited to see for a few months now. 
One Piece 
I almost feel like I shouldn't have this here since I'm so far behind and nowhere near watching the current season, but meh, my list, my blog my rules.  One Piece takes the nonstop action all of the time from Bleach and replaces it with nonstop comedy all of the time.  Luffy has a really funny voice and character.  That's pretty much the reason I watch it.  I haven't seen a single fight that I thought looked good so the action is like a zero factor, but the comedy level is really high.  I also like that harsh things happen in the storyline and almost everyone's back story is some super depressing tale.  I'm crazy far behind (I only watch it as Hulu updates the backlog... meaning I'm about 300+ episodes behind) but I do plan to continue with it until I'm caught up.
FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 
I'm not sure whether I like the story more than the original series or not, but this has surprised me a lot.  This series gains a lot in the transition from manga to anime.  There was a point in the manga where I had gotten extremely bored with it but then my interest piqued again.  I've been watching the anime and it's currently at the point where my interest piqued again, but I never experienced the boredom. 
Dragon Ball Kai 
Kai fills the same role as Bleach, except it's HD and nothing beats HD hand drawn art for me.  The storyline is meh, but who cares.  I just saw a dude rip a planet in half with a finger blast.  I came into DBZ late in the series so seeing the beginning is interesting.  The one thing I'm dying to see the most though?  Vegeta came to destroy the Earth and killed some of Bulma's childhood friends... how does he end up banging her out later on?  And not just that, they get married and have a kid.  My desire to see that transition and the fights are a big part of what keep me coming back for me. 
I love the art, the story is good, you're guaranteed at least one good fight per episode, it's got a sweet little romance going on, it makes me laugh on a regular basis but can also have sad or depressing moments into it and recently they introduced an Aizen like character who talks crap to everyone before mercilessly pwning them, which is something I always enjoy.  Katanagatari reminds of Angel Beats in that it's able to combine almost every aspect of anime that I enjoy into a single show and execute all of those aspects at a high level.  
Cute, funny, episodic and slice of life.  There is no season of Minami-ke but this show is a good replacement for what I loved about it.  It's just simple goofy fun.  It's also got my favorite OP of the season. 

I think that's about it.  I hear a lot of talk about how bad anime has gotten and how there aren't any good shows coming out anymore, but I don't think I've ever been watching and loving this much new anime at any time in the past.  Even if you took out the series that didn't start this season, I'm near double digits.
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