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For the first time in a years I'm in the mood to wiki edit.
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Last season I did a short preview for a few series that were simulcasting on Crunchyroll. This is basically going to be that, but an even briefer version of it.

Chitose Get You

Summary: A little girl has a crush on an older guy. Shenanigans.
Thoughts: I went in expecting Hanamaru Kindergarten. I basically got that, but not as funny. It immediately struck me how every shot seems to drag on for a few seconds longer than it should. Then it ended and I realized it was only a 3 minute show... a three minute show that has to resort to stretching out every shot to kill time.
Result: Dropped. The art reminded me of a more normal Shin-chan at times but 3 minute shows aren't my thing. Especially ones that drag.

La Storia...

Summary: Magic card powered Italian bishounen fight to marry a magic card powered Italian girl.
Thoughts: I like J.C. Staff despite the hate they get and all I was expecting from this was Otome Yokai Zakuro quality fights on a regular basis. This episode started off super crappy but got a lot better as it went on and ended up meh, but it did have a decently animated fight scene in it.
Result: Backburner. Nothing about this looks to be good enough to follow week to week but at some point in the future I'll be in the mood for an action show with some cheesy romance elements and this will probably fit the bill.

Tari Tari

Summary: In traditional PA Works form, moe kids are struggling with the ups and downs of high school life. This one's separating point is music.
Thoughts: It seems like someone thought "it would be cool if people from Another and Hanasaku Iroha wore different outfits!" and thus the character design and cast of Tari Tari was complete. Kinda generic show, but it seems like it's generic and good, which I'm ok with as I prefer "good" to any other qualifier.
Result: Backburner. I don't think it's interesting enough to want to follow week to week and the wait might make me drop it. Once the series is complete, I'll probably watch it at my own pace and enjoy it.


Green = highly anticipated. Yellow = mild interest.
Green = highly anticipated. Yellow = mild interest.

That's it for part 1. After finishing off You and Me S2; watching the latest episodes of Hunter x Hunter, Sengoku Collection, and Space Brothers; then watching these, I'm pretty much anime'd out for the day. Overall, I'm a little bummed out. As you can see to the right, two of the series I watched today were ones I had high hopes for but neither left me particularly excited. In addition, I've heard that Love, Election, and Chocolate is a generic fanservice show with little redeeming qualities and it isn't even being simulcasted so I can't check it out for myself to see if that's true or the internet is just being stupid. On top of that, a lot of shows I was interested in watching aren't even being simulcasted, which is a stark comparison to last season where literally everything I even had eh, meh, kinda, sorta, maybe interest in got picked up.

Still to Come: Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Kokoro Connect, Choyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi, and Humanity Has Declined.

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