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Naruto #592 - The Third Power

Too much #winning
Too much #winning

In a Nutshell

Jugo and Suigetsu meet back up with Sasuke to give him a "game over" mystery scroll only to find out that Sasuke plans on meeting up with Orochimaru. Elsewhere, Madara is still smack talking the Kages while Tobi, as usual, is having a tough time in a fight that matters.

High Points

  • It seems like Orochimaru is coming back!
  • A new McGuffin arrives in time to keep the series from ending in a month.
  • We're about to be in the midst of the biggest Uchiha throwdown ever seen.

Low Points

  • Yay, some new McGuffin out of the blue that seems like yet another character summon.
  • The best thing about the chapter was what it means for the upcoming weeks.

Rants and Raves

This chapter is only decent but I'm going to give it a full half point boost because of the promise of what it holds: more Orochimaru and more Uchiha badassness. I haven't seen it so much on Anime Vice, but on other forums I hear people complaining about the Uchiha and how they, especially Sasuke, ruin the series... give me a break! Take a look at that picture. Yeah, it's missing Itachi but still, take out the Uchiha and what do you have left of Naruto? Tenten? Konohamaru? Some knock off One Piece that's just Naruto aimlessly doing random nonsense on his quest to be King of the Kages?

The Uchiha. Without them, this would be Naruto.
The Uchiha. Without them, this would be Naruto.


I give this chapter a B-. There was some plot development but most of it was either trite or just setting up something awesome for the future.

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