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Naruto #591 - Risk

Guess who's bizzack!!!
Guess who's bizzack!!!

In a Nutshell

As the Edo's say their goodbyes, Dan spirit travels to Tsunade to say wassup. Madara, still wanting to kick ass and take names, undoes his Edo Tensei contract in order to continue the fight.

High Points

  • Dan's talk with Tsunade was far less cheesy than it had any right to be.
  • The Edo's exploding into paper and light looked pretty cool.
  • Hell yes, Madara is here to stay.

Low Points

  • Nothing I can think of.

Rants and Raves

It really boils down to one thing: Hell yes, Madara isn't dead. I loved that even when his spirit was leaving his body, he was the only one trying to get in one last attack while all the other Edo were basically like, "ahh, now I can rest." I've long thought that the Edo body is the perfect body. It's extremely hackable, indestructible, and has infinite chakra. Why oh why didn't Orochimaru want a body like that rather than some Uchiha body that he'd lose after a few years anyways?


I give this chapter a B+. A better chapter than last week, which was a pretty darn good to begin with. Madara rocks. There's really no more to be said other than that. He's a bad enough dude to fight the Kages and he's here to stay.

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