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Naruto #590 - I Will Love You Forever

"Best. Chapter. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Yaoi Uchiha Incest Shipper
"Best. Chapter. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Yaoi Uchiha Incest Shipper

In a Nutshell

The Edo start packing up to leave and Itachi tells Sasuke that he killed his own people out of a love for his enslav... village.

High Points

  • Danzo back in action, being a hard ass Dick Cheney style leader.

Low Points

  • More Itachi slaughtered his family, friends, and race to save people who hated him and his kind... that's a real hero sentiment.

Rants and Raves

If you're into the whole Itachi is a hero thing, there was some good stuff in this, but I've never been able to get that line of thought. When they first introduced Itachi to the series as this psycho who massacred his own people just to see if he could, I thought that was pretty insane and interesting. It wasn't particularly deep, but in a sea of Naruto (shonen in general) featuring bad guys who were really just sad and lonely children, this was refreshing. Once they revealed the truth behind his actions... all his likability went out the window for me. My views are that basically, Itach is like a slave who not only told "massa" about the rebellion, but actually went and then murdered all of the slaves so that he could protect the safety and comfortable liestyles of all those kind ole slave owners who oppressed him. I never got the heroism in that and never will. This chapter is basically nothing but more, "he's really a hero," talk that I just can't comprehend.


I give this chapter a B. I hate the whole Itachi is a hero slant, but the chapter was pretty entertaining and it was interesting. It sucks that the Madara Edo is gone, though. He was a favorite of mine.

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