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Taking an idea from my fellow Vicer JJOR64 and his Super Duper Mini Reviews , I decided to try my hand at chronicling the anime that I watch throughout the week with a small write up.  These won't really be a review of the episode though, just a super short summary and things that I liked or disliked and special recognitions at the end.


 A new season kicked off this week.  While my anime watching is still pretty light overall, I did make time to check out one new show: Nichijo. 


Thursday (3/24)

Naruto Shippuden 204


Sasuke faces off against the Tsuchikage and Mizukage.

  • Interesting fights
  • A lot of jutsu usage from characters who hadn’t done anything yet.
  • Some slick animation here and there

  • The slick animation was Bleach-like where it only lasted for a couple of seconds here and there.

Mr. Magic Man casts a spell
Mr. Magic Man casts a spell

Dragon Crisis #10


Rose meets Sapphie, a Blue Dragon who convinces her to perform a special Dragon ritual with Ryuji.

  • This episode was cuter and funnier than usual.
  • Sapphie’s introduction was an epic fail in all the right ways.
  • Sapphie adds a nice element to cast and I’m glad that she doesn’t seem like a potential love interest for Ryuuji.
  • Kai’s back and had more screentime than ever.

  • Ai could have done a little more.
  • I’m not sure how I feel about Onyx coming back rather than someone new.


Dragon Crisis! #11


As the side effects of Rose and Ryuji’s ritual get worse and worse, Ryuji is faced with a decision about his relationship with Rose.

  • The full cast showed up.

  • It wasn’t as bad as the second Ai episode, but this one was mediocre and didn’t really deliver on anything that I watch the series for.
  • More standard cliche's executed in standard to substandard ways than I can shake a stick at


Naruto Shippuden #205


Madara arrives at the Five Kage summit and reveals his plan to the Kages.

  • This was more interesting than it was in the manga
  • All of the jinchuriki were featured, so they can finally be attached to episodes in the wiki

  • It might be the tsunami’s fault, but this was easily one of the shoddiest episodes I’ve seen in terms of animation.  It harkens became to the start of Shippudden and the mirror matches that looked like animated gifs being slid across the screen


Nichijo - My Ordinary Life #1


It’s the first day of high school and all of the students are getting ready for the new year.

  • The art style is cute and colorful
  • There’s some great animation on a regular basis
  • The character’s extreme reaction panels are funny
  • The last ⅔ of the show were hilarious

  • I didn’t find anything laugh out loud funny until the final ⅓.
  • The show slides by on cuteness more than comedy a bit often.

  • Solid first episode.  Not amazing all throughout, but I think it did a good job setting up the type of show it will be.

 This was my favorite part of the episode.
 This was my favorite part of the episode.

-William Taylor ( sickvisionz is lazy by nature, procrastinator by trade.  You can also find him on Twitter @mrsickvisionz and check out what he does while procrastinating at Flights of Fancy.   

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