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Taking an idea from one of my fellow Vicers ( JJOR64) and his Super Duper Mini Reviews, I decided to try my hand at chronicling the anime that I watch throughout the week with a small write up.  These won't really be a review of the episode though, just a super short summary and things that I liked or disliked and special recognitions at the end.  This week saw me being especially lazy when it came to working from home so my anime watching was close to double what it normally was.


Dragonball Kai #92

Summary:  Cell releases his Cell Jrs and Gohan finally realizes that Cell can't be reasoned with and combat is the only thing that's going to put an end to this.

  • The Cell Jrs had some slick looking fights and all of the high speed combat was sharp and crisp rather than being blurred, which is what they usually do to the new animation if it's in a fight.
  • I'm also glad that it ended with Gohan powering up so next week should have some nice pwnage to look forward.

  • Part of me still wonders why it took Gohan so long to realize he should actually fight Cell seriously.

Dragon Crisis! #5

Summary:  Seven Tails continues its attempts at taking Ice Rage from George, but things take an unexpected turn when it turns out to be a Cursed Precious.

  • Nice animation on a decently lengthy battle
  • Rose did more Kugimiya Tsundere faces
  • Kai makes a return
  • More Eriko and Maruga fan service and Rose being angrier than usual led to her being more moe than usual

  • Kai didn't have any action scenes
  • Rose still hasn't said, "Urusei! Urusei! Urusei!"

Ahh, if that's not the cutest temper tantrum ever...
Ahh, if that's not the cutest temper tantrum ever...


Bleach #308

Summary:  Having beaten Gin, Aizen returns his attention to Ichigo's friends but is stopped in his tracks when Ichigo returns from his training.

  • In the manga this fight seemed like it was almost a one-hit ko, but I like how it's taken up half an episode with most of it being fighting, pwnage and smack talk.  
  • I also loved that it actually had sword fighting, which is feel is too much of a rarity in Bleach.  
  • There was some slick animation as well and some of my favorite fight music got played.
  • It's always fun to see someone get Aizened after talking a lot of crap.

  • Still not as insane and intense as the swordfighting in the Kouga vs Byakuya and Hisagi vs Findor fights, which is a shame considering that this should be the most amazing fight in the series and is the grand finale for Aizen. 
  • It’s a shame that Bleach removed so much sword fighting that 8 seconds of it feels like an epically long battle.
  • I love bad guys and nothing burns worse than revealing that a bad guy was actually a good guy all along.
  • Gin deserves more than a one minute origin story.

I've been waiting for 247 episodes to see this.. it could have lasted more than 8 seconds.
I've been waiting for 247 episodes to see this.. it could have lasted more than 8 seconds.

Rio - Rainbow Gate! #6

Summary:  A rival casino owner instigates a Gate Battle between Rio and Jack, a young child who comes from a long line of telekinetic bomb diffusers.

  • Laughing at how absurd things get in this show is a major reason why I watch it and this episode certainly delivered on that with Jack's background story (really, telekinetic bomb diffusers?) and the Gate battle being a virtual reality interstellar pinball video game.
  • Mint and Jack on screen together was like an amazing galaxy busting moe bomb detonating
  • As usual, they crammed in more fanservice than I can shake a stick at, with the silliest being the gem that follows the cons.

  • I've gotten over it, but I'm always a little bit upset that the battles aren't like Saki where they actually used real world strategies to win their mahjong matches.
  • Rio is a card dealer and it's a rarity for a battle to even involve a card game and not be one purely by luck.
A service shot on character A that uses a "between the boobs" angle of character B... gratuitous or genius?
A service shot on character A that uses a "between the boobs" angle of character B... gratuitous or genius?


Wandering Son #3 Summary:  All of the cross dressers are dealing with the fact that they're going through puberty and that their changing bodies will make believable cross dressing more difficult.  Nitori's friendship with Chiba seems to be rebuilding itself when both of them are assigned to write a gender-bender play.

  • I like the J.C. Staff-esque visuals as always.
  • Slice-of-life is one of my favorite genres and this one slices into the lives of characters that intrigue me.
  • It’s good to see that Chiba is being less of a bitch these days.

  • Nothing blew me away but this episode didn't have anything I particularly disliked either.

Wandering Son #4

Summary:  Nitori and Chiba continue to work on the school play and both of them confess to the people they love, to varying degrees of understanding and success.

  • Nitori is an interesting character and his queerly heterosexual attraction to Takatsuki is certainly something I haven't seen before, which get the thumbs up from me.
  • Everyone manned up and confessed before the series came to a close, which I always like to see.

  • Like #3, I didn't really have any complaints about this episode.

 Nothing in this picture is quite as it seems.
 Nothing in this picture is quite as it seems.

Naruto Shippuden #197

Summary:  In the wake of Lady Tsunade's injuries, Danzo is appointed as the new Hokage.  Meanwhile, ninjas from the Hidden Cloud arrive to Konoha seeking information about Sasuke.

  • I enjoyed the filler arc but I'm glad we're back to canon.
  • A return to the current timeline also means the return of Shippuden music, which I've missed.
  • Team Samui and Team 7's introduction involved some fist-to-face, which is always fun to watch.  
  • Danzo is an interesting villain.
  • Konoha’s it's totally ok to let psychotic and murderous rogue ninjas run around free and unrestrained policy is finally coming to a close.
  • There was a lot of plot points being hit upon in this episode.

  • Having Shippuden imitate the old series for so long and then switching back to its own style really drives home the huge tonal differences between the shows and it took me two episodes to really get back into the swing of things.

Shippuden goes back to being Shippuden
Shippuden goes back to being Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden #198

Summary:  After his encounter with Team Samui, Naruto decides to visit the Raikage in order to convince him that Sasuke should be forgiven.

  • This is the first time where I could see Naruto as having real deal traits that a Hokage should have and not just traits of a really powerful warrior.
  • The score really adds a lot to this episode.
  • Every canon episode takes me one step closer to Sasuke's Carnage Fiesta against the Kages.
  • I've been awaiting non-fan art color pictures for some of these characters for a while now and I finally got them.

  • Right as Naruto displays Hokage traits he goes back to idiot naive kid and says he wants to ask the Raikage to forgive Sasuke.
  • Nothing really stood out as noticeably bad, but there wasn’t anything noticeably good either.


Freezing #1

Summary:  A female warrior, referred to as Pandoras , named Satellizer is participating in a mock battle against her fellow classmates when she’s interrupted by Kazuya, a young boy who mistakes her for his dead sister.

  • There’s an insane level of violence and blood shed
  • A lot of merciless and ruthless things take place.
  • Claymores/Shikabane-himes/My-Himes fighting Angels from Evangelion is kinda interesting.

  • The fact that you could perfectly describe this solely by using characters and concepts from other shows is a let down.
  • Technobabble is all over the place.
  • Fanservice that’s simultaneously bloody, gory and ultra ecchi isn’t really my cup of tea.
  • A guy falls face first into boobs... the creativity knows no bounds.
  • I feel like I can smell the entire story and every twist from a mile away.
  • I’m watching on Hulu and not only is the ecchi stuff overly censored (they won’t even show a bra strap), the violence is covered up as well.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2 #2 

Summary:  Haruhi and her friends spend the last two weeks of summer doing a bunch of events

  • When this first came out I remember being upset that it wasn’t as good as I remember S1 being but this time I enjoyed it enough to finish the episode and watch another.
  • A few of the things Kyon said made me chuckle

  • I still don’t enjoy this as much as I remember enjoying the first season

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2 #3 

Summary:  Haruhi and her friends spend the last two week of summer doing a bunch of events but after a short while, Nagato points out that they’re stuck in a time loop and have been repeating it for 500+ years worth of time.

  • I’m actually excited to see what this Endless Eight talk is all about and whether it’s anime fans blowing stuff totally out of proportion or if it really is the worst thing ever created in any entertainment medium ever.
  • I enjoyed the repeated events more the second time around.
  • I’m a sucker for anything involving time travel and things of that nature so the concept of Endless 8 is interesting.
  • I don’t know if it’s good enough or I’m bored enough, but I’m continuing on to 3 episodes in one day.

  • Just like the last time Haruhi was doing some cosmically destructive crap, Kyon is obviously going to have to come on to her in order to set the space-time continuum back in order... please don’t make it take 6 or 7 more episodes before he can recognize this.
  • I forget his name but I wanted to kick a brick barefoot when the esper suggested Kyon do something like that and Kyon refused to.
  • I’m hoping for a Dave Chapelle-esque “F*** yo’ list” scene that I know is never going to happen under any circumstances.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2 #4

Summary: see above

  • I get minor pleasure from seeing what outfits everyone will wear and what mask Nagato will buy.
  • Every time I watch I feel like I pick up some new dialog bit that’s hinting to everyone that they need to radically switch things up.
  • While typing this I’m listening to a song and the lyric, “you’ve tried everything but you won’t give up,” just played.  That’s disturbingly appropriate.
  • I think I must be a masochist and on some subconscious level watching this appeals to my desire to cause myself mental anguish.
  • Every episode my theory on what will fix this changes and I kinda enjoy that.  Now I’m convinced that Kyon either has to make a move on her or everyone is gonna have to stop dickriding her and challenge some of her plans.

  • WHAT THE F***... damn near 600 years of time have passed and nobody is like, “I think we need to make a new list.”  These people aren’t even trying to rock the boat.  Even if all anyone can think of is calling her on the 31st, they could at least try that.
  • I was about 10 minutes late for Fringe so I watched this instead.  I regret that decision.
  • Kyon is quickly becoming the embodiment of everything I hate about male leads in anime.
  • For some reason watching this makes me upset that there’s been no announcement of a season 2 for Paniponi Dash.
  • They really should have made this Endless 4

Hmm, after giving this a lot of thought I decided to do something that I haven’t done since Bleach in 2005:  I’m skipping past episodes I haven’t seen.

 Watching these episodes makes me feel like this.
 Watching these episodes makes me feel like this.


The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Season 2 #9

Summary: After repeating the same two weeks for 15,000+ times and not realizing that doing the same things will get the same results, Kyon finally steps up and decides to try something different in hopes that it will get different results.

  • Endless 8 is over
  • Waking up and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning reminds me of being a kid again.
  • What a group of idiots

Mitsudomoe 2 #6

Summary:  It's the holidays (New Year's, Valentine's Day and April Fools Day) and the girls into shenanigans at home and at school.
  • All of the parents at the conference were pretty funny and the shot of Chiba practicing his moves was great.
  • The piss snowballs were gross but not too gross.
  • As usual, Chiba delivers anytime he's on screen.
  • Hitoha punching Mitsuba in the neck made me lol
  • There's a super cute shot of Hitoha with a bandage on her nose
  • It feels like they randomly put these segments in episodes with no real consideration for timing, especially holiday ones that are long past (New Year's) or far away (April Fool's).

Awards and Recognitions

A through the boobs, decapitated cleavage shot
A through the boobs, decapitated cleavage shot

Her Majesty's Secret Service

Rio Rainbow Gate's through the boob shot takes this for me this week.  Shots of large breast are cliche, camera angles through the breast are passe, but the combination of both certainly deserves some recognition.  I also like how they chopped off part of someone's head in full recognition of what the audience wants to see.  Hint: it's not her forehead.

Surprisingly Moe Moment

When I see Rose or Mint Clark, I expect for pretty much every shot to be moe.  That's a given.  But you know what, I'm going to give this to the Cell Jrs.  I watch Dragonball Kai to see people get their ass handed to them weak after weak, but the absolute adorableness of these guys deserves a special nod for cuteness when I was least expecting it.

Aizen getting Aizened
Aizen getting Aizened

"Damn Homie, In High School You Was the Man Homie... The F*** happened to you?"

This was a close one.  Sakura Haruno showed us once again that her akatsuki fighting abilities were a fluke by immediately eating a drop kick to the face during this week's Naruto Shippuden.  How she stays on the team is anyone guess, but I'd be remiss if I didn't give this to Sousuke Aizen, the king of pwnage, arrogance and smack talk.
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