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Taking an idea from my fellow Vicer JJOR64 and his Super Duper Mini Reviews , I decided to try my hand at chronicling the anime that I watch throughout the week with a small write up.  These won't really be a review of the episode though, just a super short summary and things that I liked or disliked and special recognitions at the end.

This Week's Overview

For reasons I can’t really explain, I didn’t feel like watching much of anything this week, be it anime or regular TV shows.  I was either doing video projects all day or playing Civ 5 all day.  Maybe Haruhi spoiled me or something.  Anyways, I made myself sit down on Friday and Saturday to watch a couple of shows and really enjoyed them.  Still, I don’t particularly want to watch anything else.

But meh, I’m rambling now.  Here’s this week’s stuff with a self-promise of closing the lid on Mitsudomoe 2, Pani Poni Dash (I only avoid them because I don't want to be able to say there's no more of them left to watch) and getting back on the ball with Wandering Son for next week.

Sunday (2/27)

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Summary:  Haruhi disappears and it’s up to Kyon to figure out what’s going on..  
  • This was way more serious and dramatic than I thought it’d be, which I enjoyed immensely.
  • The film is visually striking.  The colors are super bright, the image is sharp and the attention to detail in the animation is flat out amazing at times.  This is hands down the best HD animation I've seen.
  • Despite being almost 3 hours, it never bores or made me look at my watch.
  • The score is pretty nice.
  • The story is really good
  • Super minor quibble, but I’m always a little bummed when something has the potential to end in tragedy but turns out happy and perfect.
  • This might have been my imagination, but it seemed like Kyon and Nagato could have gotten it on had he not left her apartment.
  • I'm a bit perplexed as to why Kyon chose SOS Brigade with potential to have the universe destroyed rather than SOS Brigade, passive freak Nagato and no potential to have the universe destroyed.

 They're making these captions  too easy...
 They're making these captions too easy...


Naruto Shippuden #201

Summary:  Tensions rise at the Five Hokage Summit when Danzo comes under suspicion of manipulating Mifune, the mediator.  Back in Konoha, Shikamaru and Sai confront Sakura about what has to be done concerning Sasuke.
  • Sai’s confrontation with Sakura came off a lot better than it did in the manga
  • More Danzo = more good
  • The Raikage going berserk over Danzo being selected was pretty fun to watch
  • Mifune going one-by-one and real talking the Kages about why none of them should be leaders was great
  • Zetsu’s arrival at the meeting was one of the better surprise appearances I’ve seen.  I've never cared for him but this scene puts him up there for me
  • There were a lot of nice angles all throughout the dramatic scenes of the episode and I like that people are trying to make things look nice and taking their time to frame a shot
  • The final shot of Madara visiting Naruto was a great ender.
  • There were a lot of flashbacks.  None of them lasted very long and they all were appropriate so it wasn’t annoying, but there were a lot of them.
  • This has nothing to do with this episode, but it looks like the part I’ve been waiting  well over a year for is about kick off in the next episode.

I like how Danzo's crew is the only one to get a decapitated shot.
I like how Danzo's crew is the only one to get a decapitated shot.


Dragon Crisis! #8

Summary:  A member of the Society, Bianca Alexandra Lou, has come to evaluate Ryuji’s abilities as a Breaker.  During the combat portion of the testing, a golem goes berserk and it’s up to Rose and Ryuji to stop it.
  • Last week was a let down but this episode felt like they remembered that moe, fanservice and well animated violence are the cornerstones of the series
  • There was a nice and long fight scene during this episode
  • Ryuji getting chased through his school by a homing missile was ridiculous in all the right ways.
  • The return of the Aikawa twins and Misaki was a welcomed one
  • I like Bianca’s power armor outfit.
  • Masato being his usual self led funny moments with Bianca.
  • It seems like Bianca will be a regular character.
  • Bianca instantly moving in next door to Ryuji and them (would saying Ryuji-tachi be weaboian?) seemed a little out of the blue
  • Kai showed up but only for a few seconds.
  • I’m wondering how many episodes this will go for.  It’s been episodic so far but it seems like they might be building to something.  If it’s a 13-ish episode series that might result in a pretty big shift in tone for the home stretch.  I’m interested in seeing how they handle this or if it even happens at all.

I've been waiting forever to see who this redhead is... now I know.
I've been waiting forever to see who this redhead is... now I know.

Awards and Recognition

 What happens when you flirt too much.
 What happens when you flirt too much.

You're Not as Suave as You Think

Masato Aikawa takes the cake on this one.  His flirting got him pummeled twice in this episode in grand fashion.  One even involved a power fist.  But hey, you've got to give him credit.  He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  In real life he'd probably pull the most women if no other reason than he tries to pull the most women and eventually the math adds up.  On top of that, he has no real concept of she's out of your league.
 Disturbing on many levels.
 Disturbing on many levels.

Creepy Old Pedophile From the Family Guy Award

The last thing anyone wants to wake up to is some geriatric staring at him while he sleeps.  Madara definitely takes this one home for the week.  I don't remember 100%, but I think he actually just sat there and said, "I want to talk to you..."  Yeah, no thanks.
 I don't like to repeat images but...
 I don't like to repeat images but...

This Isn't What It Looks Like, but It Should Be

The first thing that came into my mind during this scene was whoa, it's goin' down.  This is what Kyon gave up when he reset the world back to lunacy rather than jumping down on Hinata-hot passive super freak Nagato.
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