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Taking an idea from my fellow Vicer   JJOR64  and his   Super Duper Mini Reviews  , I decided to try my hand at chronicling the anime that I watch throughout the week with a small write up.  These won't really be a review of the episode though, just a super short summary and things that I liked or disliked and special recognitions at the end.

This week I rediscovered the gamer in me and finally unlazified myself to get back into grinding out video projects.  As a result, my anime watching plummeted.  


Thursday (2/24)

Naruto Shippuden  #200

Summary:  Sasuke closes in on Danzo as the Five Kage Summit begins.  
  • Naruto’s plan was a complete failure and he got some much needed  real talk  from the Raikage.
  • Seeing all the Kage bickering and pointing fingers was amusing.
  • This isn’t a legit complaint but I always feel that these episodes would be so much better if I didn’t know what was happening years before it takes place.

Put a bunch of ninjas in a room and all hell breaks loose.
Put a bunch of ninjas in a room and all hell breaks loose.

Bleach  #310 
Summary:  Everyone deals with the aftermath of Aizen’s attack.
  • This was a nice end cap to the arc.
  • I’m glad to see that some people training hard.  After getting run through by the Espada and Aizen some of these guys need to get exponentially better in order to really be able to protect Soul Society.
  • Aizen acting an ass at his trial was a riot.
  • Ichigo talking about Aizen’s sword (lol) for 2 minutes was the most character development they ever gave Aizen.

Dragon Crisis #7

Summary:  Ryuji and Ai fight their way out of Furumori’s compound.
  • Ryuji did a cool looking spin attack against Furumori.
  • I like dark characters and Furumori fits the bill.
  • This was easily the most lackluster fight so far, which really makes the generic characters and meh storytelling stand out.
  • An extreme lack of moe and service didn’t help either.
  • When I first got into anime, everyone having a super tragic past felt new and different.  Now it’s been ran into the ground so much that it makes me groan.
  • Ai might not be in the show anymore.
  • I don’t think choir boys in the chastity club are as pious as anime makes the typical male Japanese teenager out to be.
  • Part of me wanted Ryuji to pull and Gantz and think, “hell yeah, if you live with me there’s a way higher chance of us f***ing,” when Ai read his mind.
     This episode needed more violence or cute stuff like this.
     This episode needed more violence or cute stuff like this.


Rio - Rainbow Gate! #7

Summary:  Rio wins a laser rifle Gate battle against a sniper but her victory is short lived as she finds herself quickly forced into another match.
  • I LOL’d  at the “intense psychological stress,” caused by Gate battles.  These things are always super goofy stuff like bowling, going on a water slide and playing video games.
  • Just when I think they can’t top possibly top themselves in absurdity, this show always manages to up the ante.
  • As usual, more fanservice than anyone could shake any number of sticks at with the best being a tentacle scene and Rina and Rio smashing boobs in a hot tub.
  • There was some drama thrown in that I wasn’t expecting but was executed better than I would have thought possible.
  • This episode wasn’t anime perfection, but for Rio it didn’t really have any cons that I can think of.

Mitsudomoe 2 #7

Summary:  Everyone dresses up as Santa to give Ryuuta his presents, Yabecchi gets sick and has to call in a substitute, and the entire class decides to play a game of human curling, amongst other things.
  • Miyashita got her own segment and she’s one of my favorite side characters.
  • A lot of the side characters had large roles in this episode.
  • Seeing Chiba in panties was one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen in a good minute.
  • The pool segment ending in complete tragedy brought a smile to my face.
  • The show still seems to be confused about what season it is.
  • Only one episode left :(

I like his initiative
I like his initiative

Awards and Recognitions

 Mitsudomoe 2 #7
 Mitsudomoe 2 #7
Disturbia Award
Hands-down this is the most disturbing scene I've seen in a while.  Even more impressive that there was a gender bender upskirt a few seconds earlier.
Bleach #310
Bleach #310

Eat a D*** Award
The Raikage telling Naruto to screw off was pretty rich, but Aizen mocking the judges during his trial and smack talking them for an extra 2,000 years on his sentence was pretty rich.
 Rio Rainbow Gate #7
 Rio Rainbow Gate #7
Remy LeBeau's Imitation = Flattery Award
There were at least half a dozen things I could have used for Rainbow this week, but the Gambit card toss stood out as something worth mentioning
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