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For the first time in a years I'm in the mood to wiki edit.
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I just started watching this series a few days ago and marathoned my way through it. Pretty good show but thing that stuck out the second most about it (the first being a super super hot redheaded slut maid with enough service shots to rival an anime) was this from the "Halloween, Part 1" episode was this:

She's reading Nana, which is my favorite manga. She's pretty early in as, that's volume 1, but I thought this was super cool. I might be late on it since it's called "Halloween, Part 1" and it's mid-November, but this really made my day. So much that I decided to do a creepy teen girl imitation photo:

I don't know if I should actually be happy as *spoiler alert* this girl isn't exactly well adjusted, but hey I'll give the thumbs to someone writing that she was reading a manga and there wasn't really any focus on her reading it, it was just another book that kids read.

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