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As mentioned in another thread, I'm getting some preliminary work done for the Best of 2012 voting that's going to happen in a few months. The vote counting system is being done via Google Spreadsheets and Forms and at this point it's pretty much an automated process and is near completion. However, there is one thing I wanted to get community feedback on:

Weight System

Here's the way I currently have it setup:

  • Last year I got the impression that some were nominating shows but with an attitude of, "well I only saw 5 shows. I thought one was really good and the rest were meh, but there are five slots so I have to fill them all up with something." This year I want to stress that only "Top 5 Quality Content" should make a list and if you can only think of X number of shows that deserve mentioning, only nominate X number of shows.
  • Tying in with that, a one (fifth place) is almost a nothing vote compared to what first place would be, but fifth place isn't and shouldn't be a nothing quality series. I wanted some type of balance where a show that gets a small number of first place votes can't totally monster over a series that has significantly more votes in other ranks, especially when every show nominated should be a beloved series by the voter. First should be powerful, but not dominating... unless there a series gets a lot of them.
  • The higher the lowest score, the more wiggle room there is to make separation between the other ranks while still keeping the ratio of first to last the same.
  • Having said that, first place is first place and while I don't want it to completely obliterate everything else, I did want for it to be a powerful vote. That's why there is separation between first and second and it's why it's 3x the weight of fifth place.

How it all plays out

Having said all of that, this is how it all plays out at the end of the day. I ran the new weights through last years numbers.

Chart Legend

  • Series = the name of the series. They are listed in the order that they won in the 2011 system (Madoka at the top = 1st place with everything beneath it being one position lower in rank). This ranking also correlates with the "2011 Wgt" category.
  • 1sts - 5ths = the total number of votes given in those ranks. Example, Fate/Zero have 5 under 1sts means that it got 5 first place votes.
  • Votes = the total number of votes a series received. Example, Tiger & Bunny has a Total of 5 (1 second place + 2 third places + 2 fourth places = 5 total votes).
  • Wgt Total = weighted total. This is the weighted score using the current system (24,15,10,7,5). It's calculated by multiplying each rank x votes and summing it. Example, Persona 4 has 2 second place votes (2 votes x second place weighted value of 15 = 30) + 2 fifth place votes (2 votes x fifth place value of 5 = 10) which add up to equal a weighted total of totaling to 40 (30+10)
  • 2011 = the weighted total using the 2011 weights (7,6,5,4,3). Example, Guilty Crown for 3 third place votes (3 votes x last year third place weight of 5 = 15) and 1 fifth place vote (1 x last year fifth place weight of 3) which total to 18 (15+3)


This is with the weighting listed at the top (24,15,10,7,5). Originally I used a different scale (9,6,5,4,3) and the same thoughts listed immediately underneath the "Weight System" header, but after running real votes through it, certain things stood out as being off base. Looking at last year's weighted totals also showed questionable rankings that I felt needed to be adjusted. Note: the following is purely based off of voting and not the quality of the series...

  • Madoka should monster everything else. It's tied for tied for most first places and it's probably the most well rounded when it comes to the other ranks. Last year's weights made things closer but I didn't feel that actually represented the difference that it should have over the competition.
  • Persona 4 should beat Guilty Crown. Not by a lot, but it got the votes in the spots that counted imo and the math should add up. AnoHana vs Hanasaku should remain a very close match up based off of the votes.
  • Tiger & Bunny vs Beelzebub should show both the power of a first place vote and how a handful of middling votes can neutralize it.
  • I felt that Wandering Son's placement in the prior year showed how in an effort to not make first place votes dominating, I hadn't made them powerful. Something about two first place votes and a third getting beaten by the rankings of the four series above it just didn't feel right.

But, that's just my views on it. I want to make the 2012 votes even better than before and I want and need to hear the communities thoughts on what is probably the most crucial and critical aspect of the whole event. So, what do you all of think of this?

Also, if you want to mess around with it and help me beta test things (I'd be super thankful for this) use these links: View the Titles and Results & Vote for Titles. None of the voting will be counted toward the real Best of 2012 (which will take place in December and January) so feel free to vote as many times as you want and however you want. This is mainly for people to see how the weights impact score and whether or not it seems fair or needs tweaking. It's also for me to see if there are any errors in the spreadsheet and test out things like making sure I get a notice if a user votes for the same series multiple times and other things.

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