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For the first time in a years I'm in the mood to wiki edit.
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This used to be pretty rare but nowadays we seem to get blanketed at least once a year.  All the schools closed down but surprisingly I haven't seen too many kids running around outside, which seems crazy considering that there's a massive "break your neck if you try to sled this" hill in my neighborhood that would seem like the perfect spot for kids to have fun while putting themselves in crazy danger.  I blame it on the sky being gray so everything looks more depressing than it did the last time it snowed 
Anyways, I'm at home bored with no work to do.  When I was a kid, the county shutting down for bad weather was like the best day ever.  Now that I do contract work for the county I feel very bah humbug about it since it really just means that
  • I can't turn in these invoices and if they stay closed tomorrow that will add an extra week to when I get paid
  • I don't have any projects to do at home so I can't even earn money accrually
  • I won't get the check I should get this week if they stayed closed until Thursday
On the bright side, I can catch up on Dr. Who and probably finish Noein after watching it on and off for a year. 

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