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Every manga I've read to completion
... or close enough.  Also including stuff that I've read almost every chapter and continue to read when it comes out.  I've noticed a disturbing trend where everything I like is usually some sob story depressing romance or some sob story uber depressing drama with children getting killed.
1. Strawberry 100%

This was either the first manga that I ever read or the first non-action manga that I read. Either way, one of my favorites. The anime is trash though.

2. Bokurano

Terrible oddball makes no sense final chapter but a fun ride up to that point. Lots of kids dying, tragedy and depressing parts.

3. School Days

The anime is way better but this one is good. I like harems that are a bit more serious and where the relationships don't go perfect. Feels more real. The anime cranks it up to 11 though.

4. Naruto

The first manga I got really deep into. Still one that I read every week like clockwork.

5. Bleach

One of the early mangas that I got into.

6. Fullmetal Alchemist

Good manga. I enjoyed the first series and decided to pick this up where it deviates.

7. I''s

I don't know which came out first, but there are some insanely striking similarities between this and Ichigo 100%. Blond character that a kid grew up around goes to a foreign land to pursue a weird career. Pretty much identical characters pop up in completely identical situations. I"s is nowhere near as good as Ichigo though.


Great manga. I feel in love with the anime and then continued with that manga. Both are awesome and my faves in their genre.

9. ES(Eternal Sabbath)

Cool story. Psycho kid killers are always awesome. Lots of tragic death and depressing moments. They even off a kid.

10. Anedoki

Straight for the most part. I read it because the person who made Ichigo 100% made it. Not as good as Ichigo though. Post-School Days and White Album it's hard for me to enjoy such light-hearted and guy is gay stuff like this. There's no way a 13-year old would be tossing off a girl this hot. At least he grows a pair and confesses at some point though.

11. Hatsukoi Limited

Good series. A bit high on fanservice of minors but the stories are nice and bittersweet and I like all of the characters. It's a shame it's so short but I had a good time reading it.

12. Kanojo to Natsu to Boku

I don't really remember anything about this.

13. Koorihime Kitan

Done by the same person who did Ichigo 100%. Decent, nothing to write home about. They throw a ghost story in it. I don't remember much about it though.

14. Pretty Face

I got into this for some reason. I think if I read it now I wouldn't like it though. I ended up buying it though so maybe theres more to it then I remember.

15. Diabolo

Decent. I started reading this in a bookstore and ended up buying it since it was only 3 volumes. I don't remember much but it wasn't from an anime and I purchased it so I can assume there was some tragedy and some combination of kids being killed or kids killing people.

16. Rose Hip Zero

I don't remember much about this outside of thinking it was kick ass at the time.

17. Doubt

It feels like it's made to be hip, edgy, bad ass and what all the cool kids like. Decent story. I don't remember much outside of some kids getting killed by kids, a girl in a wheelchair getting slaughtered and some twist at the end that was super, "you killed people over something as minor as that?!?!"

18. Elfen Lied

Geez louise it took forever for this to slowly come out. Good stuff though. Kids in bad situations getting tortured by psychos. Lots of characters I liked had a rough time in this one. I wish they'd release in the US. I'd buy them all. Nice anime too. Actually, I think I might have read this before Naruto (making it my first) since Naruto was still getting new episodes but this wasn't and the manga went way past the anime.

19. Gunslinger Girl

Good series. Lots of sad tales about kids getting killed and other horrible situations.

20. My Balls!

I read stuff like this and I think that someone should call up a porn channel and pitch stuff like this as potential series that they can develop. There's a ton of fetish porn to be seen but it has a story that's decent enough to make a person want to tune in for more than just porn.

21. Kiss x Sis

Reading this makes me feel dirty on the inside. The idolization of urine within its pages makes me feel dirty on the outside.

saetouon Sept. 22, 2010 at 1:37 a.m.
my first manga to completely finish reading is Ichigo 100% (strawberry 100%) its really great. the manga didn't show any problems in the weekly ratings, its like its a sure hit.
I just hope that the anime will have a remake and lessen the cut scenes in the manga.
MrASSH0LEon May 29, 2011 at 2:22 p.m.

Are they ranked in quality

sickVisionz moderator on May 29, 2011 at 2:37 p.m.

@mrassh0le: No, just ranked by whichever ones came to my mind first.

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