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Every anime I've seen and dropped

The only rule for this is that I watched at least 4 episodes of it. Some of these are stalls that I will eventually finish, even if it takes years. A lot of them are drops where I've got no intention of ever returning to it.

1. Witch Hunter Robin

This is one of those odd situations where I watch a show, kinda enjoy it but then I stop for some reason. I don't think there's anything wrong with the series and I always say I'm going to come back to it one day... but it's been close to 6 years now and I'm still saying that.

2. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

They made a racist joke in one episode and that turned me off to the series completely.

3. One Piece

I watched about 122 episodes of this one before putting it down. I story was decent enough for never-ending shounen, which is to say it's good enough to get me from fight to fight. That's usually enough for me but I didn't like any of the fights so I put this one back on the shelf. I've heard that in the low 300s they start bringing in the A-game animators that deliver what I'd want.. but that's like 200 episodes away from where I am now.

4. Fairy Tail

I watched this up to episode 30 something. I think it suffers the same thing that One Piece does, although the character Lucy and Rie Kugimiya doing voice acting for Happy were almost enough to keep me around. After a while though, the sad child background story for everyone (shounen really needs to think of a new backstory idea), the bad fight animation and the blatant One Piece rips wore thin and I put it down.

5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

I watched this up to about episode 16 or 17. Decent enough show and it was funny enough to keep me watching. After a while though, I got fed up of the main chick being such an ice queen to the blond guy in the picture, despite her clearly liking him, and I couldn't enjoy it as much. I think a lot of these romance/relationship shows would be a lot better if they actually included romance and a relationship in them.

6. Kanamemo

I think I got to about episode 6 before dropping this one. Some of the jokes were in poor taste, I thought the lesbian relationship was pretty cheesy and even though I've never seen a show with this exact premise, it felt like something I'd seen a million times before. Having said that, I did stick around for 6 episodes so I didn't dislike it that much. A few more minor positives to offset the small things I like that added up, and I probably would have finished this.

7. Honey and Clover

This is more of a stall rather than a drop. I don't plan on letting this one stay the list for too long. This show tosses out everything that I hate about most romance anime and cranks up what I love. The only reason this is one here is because it's on Hulu with no expiration date so I can always say, "it'll be there when I'm ready to go back."

8. Shuffle!

Two years ago I would have slogged through this show in a couple of days. After School Days and White Album, the idea of the super bitchmade male lead who never ever makes a move on women no matter how much he says he likes them or how much they throw themselves at him seems like a more fantastical premise than angels and demon kings as next door neighbors.

9. Darker than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini

This is more of a stall rather than a drop. I didn't remember much about S1 when I started watching this other than that I enjoyed it and that it was the first fansub that my PC struggled to play (Gundam 00 broke the camel's back though). Anyways, like almost everything else on this list I actually enjoyed everything I saw in S2, but for reasons unknown I've got the files sitting on my HDD for probably about 2 years now but I haven't watched the final 3 episodes yet.

takashichea moderator on Jan. 25, 2012 at 5:27 p.m.

I remember your comment about Fairy Tail in that one blog some time ago before I set my eyes on your list. Interestingly, Galaxy Express 999 is one of your wiki projects in the summer of 2011. I was on and off on Alice in the Country of Hearts and Hetalia World Axis Powers. It didn't keep my interest long enough.

sickVisionz moderator on Jan. 26, 2012 at 6:21 p.m.

@takashichea: Wow, I don't know why GE999 is on this. I must have been high or something. I watch that almost every night.

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