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There are some characters in anime who will always stick with me, whether it be for good or bad.  Sometimes the reasons are things that stretch across and develop over time.  Other times it's just one specific scene that sticks out so much that it dominates my thoughts on the show.  This is a list of the ones who did it in ways involving sex or something perverted.  These aren't necessarily the most perverted characters that I've ever seen, just the ones who did something that made me remember it.  When I think of their shows or even the genre that they are from, they immediately pop into my mind.  Oh yeah, spoilers abound.

Makoto Itou (School Days) & Touya Fuji (White Album

 For real?  You're going to run off crying with your nose bleeding when she throws herself at you?!?
 For real?  You're going to run off crying with your nose bleeding when she throws herself at you?!?
A lot of the anime that I enjoy has some harem elements to it or is 100% harem.  The light humor is something that I can watch forever and always enjoy.  However, there is one thing in particular that just upsets me to no end about these shows: the main guys have so much bitchassness about them.  It's crazy.  You have the hottest girls in whatever institution the show is set in all fawning over him but the guy is always deathly afraid of anything ecchi.  It's not just nervousness either, I've seen some of these guys push girls off of them, run away from a female while she's taking her clothes off, slam doors in a woman's face, etc.  I can buy the magic powers.  I can believe in the demon resurrections.  I can even accept the magic animals.  Even the lunacy of the dorkiest guy somehow getting idolized by the hottest girls is something I'll suspend my disbelief over.   What I can't believe is that these teenagers or college age dudes with the sex drives of high school and college age dudes are running away from women throwing themselves at them. 
Enter Makoto and Touya.  These guys may make a lot of mistakes and karma usually catches up with them in horrible ways, but you could never say they had high levels of bitchassness when it comes to women.  In fact, quite the opposite as these guys will jump down on anything that's in shape and has a vagina.  These two had sex with any female who expressed any interest in liking them, as long as she wasn't two whole schools below him (ie college guy won't sleep with middle schoolers, high school guy won't sleep with elementary schoolers).  Touya pulled the hat trick of sleeping with every below 40 female that his girlfriend knew but Makoto trumps it by sleeping with every female introduced by name in the series. 
Every time I see your standard harem dude running off and crying when a girl wants to get it on with him I think, "WWMD?  What Would Makoto Do?" 

Shizuru Fujino (My-Hime

My memory of this show is very vague.  I don't feel like I hated it so it's probably decent enough but almost nothing stands out.  I remember there being a tom boy who fights with a big sword and girls with magic powers, which describes about 5 billion shows.  But you know, there is one very specific thing that I do remember.  One singular character from one episode that is permanently burned into my memory forever: Shizuru Fujino. 
I don't think doctors are supposed to do this to unconscious patients... 
I don't think doctors are supposed to do this to unconscious patients... 
Someone suggested My-Hime to me because I was at the prime of my emo for anime stage and I was in love with anything where main characters died or anything with the potential to depress you.  I was enjoying Hime for that aspect and the fights but there is one scene, the one scene that radically altered what I would remember from the show.  One character gets very sick or poisoned or injured or something and Shizuru, who I guess is like a medic or something, is charged with taking care of her.  I was excited because the injured person was a main character and if she died I would have been bummed out, which is what I wanted. 
Some other characters are walking towards the house where she's being treated and through a window we see Shizuru nursing her while she is passed out.  Then it happens.  I was so caught in hoping for an emo moment that I was dealt a serious blow and had to rewind to verify that what I thought I saw had indeed happened.  My eyes didn't lie: While her friend was unconscious from something, Shizuru strips her clothes off and proceeds to go down on her. 
Now, compared to shows that I've seen now, this is pretty tame but I believe My-Hime was my first time seeing something of that extent happen in an anime that I thought was for like 14 year olds.

Bulma Briefs (Dragon Ball)

"You had me at murdering my friends and trying to kill their children" - Bulma Briefs
"You had me at murdering my friends and trying to kill their children" - Bulma Briefs
Ahh, good old Bulma Briefs.  I first got into Dragon Ball during the Majin Buu arc and I thought Vegeta and Goku were just rivals.  No more, no less.  I've been watching Kai and it I see that Vegata was much more than just a rival he was a real deal bad guy.  That's cool and all but one thing has always stuck in my mind: Bulma Briefs. 
Now correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Vegeta mercilessly murder several of Bulma's friends, attempt to kill her childhood friend's son for sport, and come to Earth for the sole purpose of killing every living being?
Despite all that, Bulma rides his magic stick and ends up pregnant with his son...?  I know some women like men who have issues but this is a bit much.  I'm partially watching Kai to see what type of pimp game Vegeta lays down to make this transition happen but it seems like this it totally Bulma hitting on him.  My mother refers to women like this as being loose as a goose.  "He tried to kill my friend's son so I think I'm gonna let him hit it."  I guess... I guess... 
On a somewhat unrelated note, I wonder what would happen if a Saiyan was having sex and decided to go SSJ at climax?  Would it be like a massive release of energy that could cause serious harm, especially if he didn't pull out which would be like making a fist around a lit firecracker methinks, or would it just be like Peter North x 10?  Maybe that's why Bulma wants him. 

In Conclusion (that sounds like a school report or something)

Well, those are the ones that immediately come to my mind without me having to think about the question for more than a few seconds.  All of these are shows that I watched years ago back when I first got into anime and was only interested in 100% action or 100% depression so some pervy content was like, whaaaa?.  Having seen tons of harems and stuff like Kanokon, I don't think anything other than hentai is going to leave a big impact on me as far as perversion. 
I'd be interested to know though: what characters will always stick in your memory for pervy reasons?
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