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I watched this show on fansubs and really fell in love with the story, characters and visual style.  I had recently purchased a HDTV and this show was a real sight to behold.  When news of a US BD release hit, I was very excited about finally getting a chance to own it.  Last week I purchased it and it came in the mail yesterday and that's where things started going south for. 
 Casshern isn't afraid to throw thick lines at you
 Casshern isn't afraid to throw thick lines at you
The visual style of Casshern is pretty unique.  One thing that stands out immediately is the thickness of the outlines.  The image above is about as thing as any line gets in the series.  It's extremely noticeable and imo it's something intentionally done and I really loved what it does for the look of the show.  Now lets talk about Funimation's release.  

Look at those lines then look at the first picture and see if you can spot the difference.  For some reason, anything with a black edge has this weird black glow around it in Funi's release.  For another show where the lines are super thin, this may not be a noticeable issue, but for Casshern it effects every scene.  The jpeg compression on that image actually helps it some since everything seems kind of blurry so the glows fit in, but the actual BD is very sharp and crisp... except for the weirdo glowing edge issue. 
I don't know what happens or what they're doing but I've been extremely disappointed with every Funimation BD that I've purchased, with the lone exception being Evangelion... which might actually have issues that my fanboyness blinds me to.  Their Claymore BDs are mediocre upscales that only marginally improve on the image quality you get on a 480p stream from Hulu or Crunchyroll, FMA: Brotherhood doesn't look any better than the fansubs, and now Casshern actually looks worse than the fansubs.  I paid cold hard $$$ for this but at the end of the day I got a noticeably worse product than what fansubbers put out... and not worse because it lacks something stupid like bouncing letters during the OP/ED or profanity that was never actually there to begin with, but worse on a technical measure that's immediately apparent even if you only watch the BD for a few seconds. 
I don't know who's to blame, Funimation with bad image processing or JP companies not giving over quality masters, but I hope it eventually gets fixed and US BD releases look as good as their JP counterparts.
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