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Bleach #499 - Rescuer in the Dark

Even Urahara is shocked at the duo's fashion faux pas.
Even Urahara is shocked at the duo's fashion faux pas.

In a Nutshell

In an attempt to show that manga can have recap episodes too, Urahara explains everything that has happened to Ichigo. Unfortunately, his plans are broken up when the weird looking Vandy they've been fighting traps Ichigo in a cage, creating new content for the chapter and thwarting Kisuke's diabolical plans.

High Points

  • An ass and leg shot of Inoue.
  • We see that Urahara finally ditched that old school 1986-era computer for something straight out of Minority Report.

Low Points

  • An ass shot of Inoue's typical Asian pancake booty.
  • The return of goofy looking characters.

Rants and Raves

Not much to really get excited or upset about other than the goofy clothes that Inoue and Chad are wearing. Oh, I'll say that Kubo seems to have finally gotten over the idea that every story must be based around some girl getting captured by evil forces who don't actually do her any harm. Sadly, it's not all new. He's just decided that a strong character getting trapped in a cage while much of the fighting takes place should be the new thing that every story has.


I give this chapter a C. Kisuke's attempt at making this a recap chapter was upsetting but there was some new content. It wasn't particularly good content, but it was new.

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