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I'm curious, no matter how grand or mundane, what are some situations you all would like to see happen in anime that break the 4th wall or acknowledge some of the craziness in anime as indeed being crazy? For a while now I've been thinking about writing an article about things anime has taught me about Japan where I pretended like everything in anime was real and then discussed it. Some of the things I as thinking about mentioning but will do here instead are totally centered around cosmetics.

My beautiful and natural blue/pink/purple/yellow (blond Japanese? come on)/green/ hair.

There are plenty of bathing scenes in anime but I would love to see one where there is a character shampooing their hair or at a beauty salon and we seen them dying their hair. One thing that becomes immediately apparent in many anime series is that wild and crazy hair colors are the norm. Everyone has them and nobody ever mentions, "hey, that girl has pink hair." It's funny, because you might have a series set in a school where doing things like wearing an earring is a criminal offense and dress code/personal appearance is taken super serious, but the school is filled with green, blue, yellow, pink, and purple haired students but nobody even notices it. I'd love to see just one scene where someone either makes notices of the crazy hair colors or where maybe two girls call each and the conversation is like

"What are you doing?"
"Oh, not much. Just dying my hair."

I just want something, anything, that acknowledges these crazy hair colors. While we're on the subject of hair...

What do you mean? Everyone has 8 foot long, gravity defying hair, right?

Hair length and magic anti-gravity hair are another thing that I'd like to see acknowledged as being crazy. I mean, look at that picture. The only person with non-crazy insane long hair has blue hair! Now, I've seen women with hair this long in actual real life, but at some point there is always a conversation where someone says, "wow, your hair is really long" and they go into a long winded speech about it. We get the hair in anime, but never the recognition that it's longer than normal. I'd love to a scene with this. Maybe you know, when some girl is getting bullied or envied by the mean girls at the school and someone says, "who does she think she is... with that 6ft long green hair?" Anything like that would bring a smile to my face.

Am I a loner out there wishing for some acknowledgement of some of the crazy aesthetics of anime or do some of y'all also have things that you'd love to see? Maybe some parents who object to the school uniform that that includes skirts less than 8 inches long. Perhaps even some feminist student protesting the end of to rule that says girls must wear bikini bottoms during gym. What anime vs reality situations would you all get a kick out of seeing?

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