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A while back, former Flex Comics editor Nakamoto-san had contacted us at Broccoli USA b/c he was visiting LA. He had left Flex Comics and started his own production company called Crenter. The name looks strange in English, but I think it's supposed to be "Creative" and "Center" merged, b/c that's what it sounds like in Japanese -- Kurenta.

Anyway, since Broccoli USA no longer has an office, we met at the Burger King next door to the old Broccoli USA office *laugh*

Crenter does a lot of production work for moe-type anthology books, so we were able to talk about a lot of things. Although most of it was about the manga industry in Japan, as well as how the doujinshi market is doing these days.

Let's see... any other interesting things they talked about?

Oh, they also work on manga released on cell phones. I assumed cell phone manga are weekly serials, but I guess the manga artists are still used to the monthly production schedule, so the cell phone companies have been sticking w/ the monthly format. And the readers have been pretty okay with it.

Although there have been a lot of bloggers turned cell phone manga artists who draw at a weekly pace, so the market will most likely shift that direction.

They said they'll be driving up to Northern California to have a meeting w/ VIZ too. I don't know if they're making any other stops in LA, though.
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