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Working!! Chapter 1

I said that I would create a blog based on my manga reading yesterday and create a blog I shall! 
 First of all, I'd like to sum up everything I know about Working!! 
  •  This is the opening to the anime.  
  • It is addictive. 
  • Why does that chick have a sword?  
  • I bet that chick at 1:20 is the lazy boss. 

 This is Poplar. She is adorable.
 This is Poplar. She is adorable.
And there you go. 
That is all I knew about Working!! before I started reading it. 
Alright, now the first few pages of Working!! just show some of the characters we'll encounter. 
Then we get the first actual strip of Working!! 
Working!! is in a 4-Koma style similar to Azumaga Daioh and Haruhi-Chan. 
The setting is the Wagnalia Resturant in northern Japan and the first strip starts out by introducing us to who appears to be the main character, 16-year old Takanashi Souta. 
The second strip introduces us to Adorable...I mean Taneshima Poplar.  
She was named after the Poplar Tree so she would be tall.......that did not go as planned. She's also 17 despite her appearance. 

The third strip introduces us to Lazy Manager AKA Shirafuji Kyoko, who announces in Panel 4 that she doesn't work. 
So, yea. That theory was completely valid. 
The next two strips explain how Katanashi came to work at the resturant and explaining why that was not a typo earlier in the sentence while the two strips following it joke about the fact that Poplar appears to be a middle schooler at best. 
In the three strips following those we learn that Takanashi IS NOT A PEDOPHILE. REALLY! 
But, he does have an intense love for small cute things such as kittens and puppies and sea monkeys and Poplars.  

 This image makes perfect sense.  
 This image makes perfect sense.  
And in the last strip of Working!! Chapter 1, Takanashi makes a fatal mistake. He attempts to guess Kyoko's age... 
This is not going to bode well for him at all.... 
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