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Netflix is my addiction lately. My fiance and I have been watching movies on it for quite sometime, and we are huge Anime fans. An for sometime now flix had very little if any good animes on it for instant viewing. And suddenly one night their are maybe thirty new animes on the site, so we add almost all of them to our vast queue. Almost everyone we have watched has been AWESOME. And im extremely picky on my anime 
Blassreiter(Pale Rider): This was one of the shows that I kinda didnt have any expectations of. THe summery given was pretty cool and I knew that Gonzo was who made it, other than that I knew nothing of it. And by damn im glad I took the half an hour to start it because it is freaking awesome. Definately different from other shows ive watched int the past but also it holds something that ive always loved an been picky about. Its got a GREAT and original story going, albet very predicatable its so freaking awesome, an this is all from watching one episode. The visuals with each episode are short of stunning, the CG and animation blended together is just f!@king awesome. 10 out of 10 
Witchblade: My fiance picked this quickly because of one main thing BOOBIES!! And do you get a full of them, jesus i love animes like this for one reason and so does my girl. The boobs an blood are just eye popping. Other than that its your typical big boobed girl whooping ass anime 5 out of 10 
Hell Girl: This series reminds me of Twilight Zone in some aspects, in that each episode is a stand alone issue if you will. Only thing that goes into the next episodes are Hell Girl and her System. This is definately a series to watch if you want something interesting and will keep your desire of constant interest peaked. WATCH THIS SHOW! 7 out of 10 
Samurai 7: Now i am a HUGE fan of this show, I was first introduced to it a few years back and finished it quickly. Now watching it with my girl I get to relive it all over again, but this time with english dubb. Which i must say is quite freaking awesome cause our favorite voice actor Christopher Sabat is one of the main characters (actually he is a voice actor in almost all of the animes we put on our queue last night hehehehe we win!!) This is the mans show, but it also has a softer side with some of the characters. My girls going to take some time getting used to the story but im sure she will end up loving it as much as I do. 10 out of 10 
Fruits Basket:..........why does my woman get me into these shows. I cant believe im watching this show, its cute, goofy, and girly.....three things i normally dispise with anime. But its so freaking addictive episode three and ive already say im addicted....dammit. 8 out of 10 
Aquarion : Now this is another of my girls shows shes watched a few episodes of an enjoyed, at this moment ive not watched enough to give a REAL review short of saying i watched it and thought it was alright. Give it a 5 out of 10 for now, the effects are awesome though 
Ouran High School Host Club: Again...why im watching this kind of show is entirely beyond me. But its insanely cute and entertaining, im addicted to it simply because the undertones with certain things in the show is hysterical. I see why my fiance loves the manga and now loves the anime, definately something to watch with your girl if your into the whole DREAMY EYEs of certain kinds of anime. 8 out of 10 
Speed Grapher: One word...INSANELY INTERESTING...alright thats two words but it describes this show so very well. The idea behind the show aka the summery is very odd and only one episode into it im hooked. The way the story runs is very hard to wrap around if you started out with animes like Gun Sword  an Bebop. But still this show is gory, dirty, and very very wrong which is why i f@#king love it. 9 out of 10  
Claymore: This is an anime EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH. In the style much like Berserk its a show about demons and warriors known as Claymore who hunt them down an kill them. The really interesting part, is that these Claymore are also part demon. Its definately a show for the hardcore gore freaks, so if you loved Berserk you will enjoy this show. 8 out of 10
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Wow i really wouldnt know where to go...wait wtf am i saying

All Asian/Japanese cast. Cant be a trueblue anime movie if its american people it would suck

Jason Scot Lee-Spike. Alright yeah hes a bit....bulky for the part of Spike but Jasons got the humor and the energy to pull him off AWESOME

Faye-Zizi Yang(Cant ever spell her damn name right but shes the girl from House of Flying Daggers) This girl can pull off smartass,badass, and HOT and that sums Faye in three words.

Jet- Now heres a difficult one.  Alright Hu Jun (Jun Hu for us american morons) he is about the same age and can pull off the young yet older character. Plus he wouldnt need to bulk up at all hes a pretty burly guy already. His performance as Zhao Yun in Red Cliff AMAZING

Now for the clincher

Vicious- Seok-Yong Jeong, he may not be the prettiest actor but he can bring out the badass in any situation. His role in City of Violence screamed that loud an clear. Plus Vicious aint the pretty one its spike so who cares, plus Seok has tha ruthless ugly look to him so he would be perfect.

For Ed and Julia im drawing blanks. So you all try an come up with good ones.
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Doesnt this mug just scream punch me
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It had everything you could ever want
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