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Gimme some. Any. From any series. I want to hear how you compare your faves and others to DBZ.

According to scientists, who are correct until proven otherwise: Strong Forces > Electromagnetic Forces > Weak Forces > Gravity. Don't be a troll.

Secondly, I hope Umineko comes out globally, closest thing right now is Higurashi When They Cry for iOS.

Thirdly, not a Naruto fanboy, I go by facts. Where did Kami make the moon? If he did, I'll go by Kami = Sage. I think there are up to 6 Naruto characters more powerful than the Sage: 1) Naruto, the titular character 2) Madara 3) Obito 4) Itachi 5) Kabuto 6) Nagato. I'm not overestimating, I'm intelligently making estimations. The only character in Naruto I would overestimate bc of "fanboying" is Killer B.

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