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This guy is high on drugs. Guys during the Cell saga who weren't SS2 Gohan or Super Perfect or even power weighted Cell could destroy a solar system in one shot. No way can New52 Superman beat even a Full Power SS, forget higher levels of SS.

That being said, SSG could beat any Superman, including Earth One (pre any retcon) or even Gold.

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So how strong is he? He could match Luffy in a short fight, and aside from maybe Saint Seiya and those, One Piece was considered the B-League, with Dragon Ball being the A-League (Saint Seiya: God League). Is Toriko stronger than Luffy? Seems as though in raw power he might be. And Toriko can store billions of calories? The 36 Hit Double Nail Punch takes 1 billion calories, and he did it 3 times, meaning 3 billion. He had just a little left, so maybe 500 million? Or less? Either way he has over 3 billion, and enough to not die like Tien doing the Tribeam. If calories converted to power levels, he would have a power level of over 3 billion, maybe 3 billion 20 thousand, because each attck is 30 thousand or more and he was done. Super Saiyan Gogeta has a power level of 2 billion 500 million. If this is like power levels, Toriko is stronger than any Dragon Ball character, because Vegeto won't be that much stronger than Gogeta, or Kid Buu, or Super Saiyan 3 Goku, or Hirudegarn. Probably not even Ultimate Gohan or Bills and Wiss. Is Toriko stronger than any Dragon Ball character pre-GT? Thoughts? I think it would be cool if they finally brought up the level and made a manga with characters surpass Goku and others.

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no power ups, use their own power, skill, strength, etc. Donkey Kong is # 3, so not original from the arcade game, or his son, but the third Donkey Kong that appears in Smash Bros and Donkey Kong Country. Who is mightiest?

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Gimme some. Any. From any series. I want to hear how you compare your faves and others to DBZ.

According to scientists, who are correct until proven otherwise: Strong Forces > Electromagnetic Forces > Weak Forces > Gravity. Don't be a troll.

Secondly, I hope Umineko comes out globally, closest thing right now is Higurashi When They Cry for iOS.

Thirdly, not a Naruto fanboy, I go by facts. Where did Kami make the moon? If he did, I'll go by Kami = Sage. I think there are up to 6 Naruto characters more powerful than the Sage: 1) Naruto, the titular character 2) Madara 3) Obito 4) Itachi 5) Kabuto 6) Nagato. I'm not overestimating, I'm intelligently making estimations. The only character in Naruto I would overestimate bc of "fanboying" is Killer B.

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Turles in his powered up form after eating fruit. Both at full power, can breathe in space, etc. Only thing that can hurt them is each other's force. Ginyu body swap is not working. Battle to the death, Turles isn't allowed to get beat up and recover and therefore get stronger via Saiyan regeneration. Bloodlust. Who wins?

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