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shenlong replied to the topic Current Toriko Vs SSJ Goku Saiyan Saga on the Battles board.
Honestly it seems always pointless to pit Z characters against anyone. Why aren't there more Gintama battle threads?
1 week, 3 days ago
shenlong replied to the topic Current Toriko Vs SSJ Goku Saiyan Saga on the Battles board.
@othus12 Goku pushed a mountain as a child. Also, Goku was a corpse, so his power was GREATLY reduced. Like a zombie.
1 month ago
shenlong replied to the topic Current Toriko Vs SSJ Goku Saiyan Saga on the Battles board.
If the crossover doesn't count bc the Fairy Tale characters bumped up One Piece and Toriko characters with magic, then Toriko has a power level of 100 MAX. Moon busting is 350, I'm being generous.
1 month ago
shenlong started the topic Luffy vs. Ginyu on the Battles board.
Luffy with all abilities vs Ginyu bloodlust. No speed blitz. Keep in mind last time Toriko, Luffy, and Goku teamed up, Goku went SS3, and once Goku went SS vs. luffy and Toriko together in competition (free for all). Who wins?
1 month, 1 week ago
shenlong commented on shenlong's blog post WTF: Dragon Ball.
@Sonata: Good point. I was just making the point, power vs. power. Although, the Dragon Balls could become a loop hole.... and now with gods and such there could be all sorts of craziness.
1 year ago
shenlong commented on shenlong's blog post WTF: Dragon Ball.
@Sonata: Well I have too many responses right now to find a scan, but look up good and recent info on "Solar Kamehameha", Cell's move that he named so becaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuse........ it has the power to destroy a solar system. And even at that point in non- power weighted or super perfect, or even max power perfect, he could do this. :)
1 year ago
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1 year ago
shenlong completed the Back-Talkin' quest.
If this particular user @reply's to something you've said. You'll be golden.
1 year ago
shenlong created a blog post WTF: Dragon Ball. guy is high on drugs. Guys during the Cell saga who weren't SS2 Gohan or Super Perfect or even power weighted Cell could destroy a solar system in one shot. No way can New52 Superman beat even a Full Power SS, forget higher levels of SS.That being said, SSG could beat any Superman, including Earth One (pre any retcon) or even Gold.
1 year ago
In case you guys haven't heard, Super Saiyan God is the true fourth transformation of Super Saiyan, which is achieved with the power of 6 pure hearted saiyans. There is no Vegeto or Gogeta in the film, and no SS Gohan, but there is Ultimate Gohan aka Mystic Gohan. Also, Wiss is Bills's master, who is stronger than him. The main DB story is revealed to occur in universe 7, ...
1 year ago
shenlong created a blog post Toriko.
So how strong is he? He could match Luffy in a short fight, and aside from maybe Saint Seiya and those, One Piece was considered the B-League, with Dragon Ball being the A-League (Saint Seiya: God League). Is Toriko stronger than Luffy? Seems as though in raw power he might be. And Toriko can store billions of calories? The 36 Hit Double Nail Punch takes 1 billion calories, and he ...
1 year, 3 months ago
shenlong created a blog post Ganondorf vs Donkey Kong .
no power ups, use their own power, skill, strength, etc. Donkey Kong is # 3, so not original from the arcade game, or his son, but the third Donkey Kong that appears in Smash Bros and Donkey Kong Country. Who is mightiest?
1 year, 4 months ago
shenlong created a blog post Numerical Power Levels.
Gimme some. Any. From any series. I want to hear how you compare your faves and others to DBZ.According to scientists, who are correct until proven otherwise: Strong Forces > Electromagnetic Forces > Weak Forces > Gravity. Don't be a troll.Secondly, I hope Umineko comes out globally, closest thing right now is Higurashi When They Cry for iOS.Thirdly, not a Naruto fanboy, I go by facts. Where did Kami make ...
1 year, 4 months ago
shenlong created a blog post Turles vs Ginyu.
Turles in his powered up form after eating fruit. Both at full power, can breathe in space, etc. Only thing that can hurt them is each other's force. Ginyu body swap is not working. Battle to the death, Turles isn't allowed to get beat up and recover and therefore get stronger via Saiyan regeneration. Bloodlust. Who wins?
1 year, 4 months ago
I remember it used power levels and spoke about how strong each person's power level was using boxing techniques, for example, a particular move quadrupled the attack power, almost like a kaioken from Dragon Ball. Does anyone know the title? I totally forgot it and there were YouTube videos showing the power levels.
1 year, 6 months ago
shenlong completed the Coffee Talk quest.
Start a topic in the forums. Then talk amongst yourselves.
1 year, 6 months ago
shenlong commented on shenlong's blog post Who is Tobi?.
I think Tbi is Danzo because Danzo used plant ninjutsu so one of them is a plant clone like Zetsu, Kabuto might know this because he's known Danzo and Orochimaru since childhood. Read Naruto manga 589. Exciting if it's true!
2 years ago
shenlong created a blog post Who is Tobi?.
I'm pretty sure now. Tobi is Danzo, who is secretly an Uchiha! Comments...
2 years ago
shenlong replied to the topic Gohan Vs Broly on the Battles board.
LSS < SS3. Goku never transformed. Not including GT: 1) Vegetto 2) Gogeta 3) gohan 4) Goku 5) kid Buu 6) hirudegarn 7) janemba 8) gotenks I'm not counting other Buu forms bc it's complicated. I think all of them except gohan and gotenks are weaker than gotenks, and it's possible that even those 2 are weaker bc Buu can get weaker with fusion. Gohan is a super strong but ...
2 years ago
shenlong created a blog post Gen vs Oro vs Gouken.
Everyone at full power, fully healthy, bloodlusted, using both arms for Oro, Gouken in "Shin "Gouken" form, etc. On a deserted continent. To the death, no ganging up, who wins?
2 years, 1 month ago
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