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Girl Trouble

A running gag in anime is guys who have "problem" of having several women interested in them at same time. He might be oblivious, indecisive, or he's just not that into her.

1. Tenchi Masaki

The is star of one of favorite series but no matter how many times it gets rebooted the formula is still the same. Everyone loves him. Literally everytime I see a cartoon where I see this scenario I scream look it's Tenchi!

2. Ranma Saotome

Ranma has problems no what gender form he's in. Guys who would kill him in his guy form love his girl form. Girls who love his guy form try to kill his girl form. Make sure the water is not too hot or too cold.

3. Ichika Orimura

The only guy at school with nothing but girls, yeah I knew where this series was going before I got through the intro.

4. Keiichi Morisato

Bod body spray makes angels fall from the sky but this guy has that certain something that brings goddesses to his door step.

5. Haruto Sakuraba

Not the main character but female attendance at football game would skyrocket if his team was playing.

6. Soichiro Arima
7. Takashi Komuro

It's the zombie apocalypse and his chances getting some of the hottest girls in school just sky rocketed. But how you can focus on that with countless droves of zombies.

8. Akuto Sai
9. Lelouch Lamperouge
10. Char Aznable
11. Byakuya Kuchiki
12. Barnaby Brooks Jr.
13. Natsu Tanimoto

Getting people to like him might have been act but it got him real popular with the ladies

14. Hibiki Tokai
15. Ken Ichijouji
16. Densuke Mifune
17. Batman

With or without the mask the ladies love him. Wonderwoman, Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, Zatana, and those are just the ladies they have the hots for Batman the list is longer for Bruce Wayne.

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