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Off-Topic » Games You Want

I have a few in mind. Often though the selections are critisized like a jukebox at Pizza Hut. So what games do you REALLY want? There are quite a few I'm looking forward to! There are so many though and it's difficult.

Plus you can't get them or play them all at once! The only way I get them is by REALLY wanting it. Hearing BIG HYPE about it. I been wanting KANE & LYNCH 1&2, DEAD iSLAND, DEAD SPACE 1&2 FALLOUT 3&VEGAS, WET,.... TWiSTED METAL, SAW 1&2, LoLLiPoP CHAiNSAW,...,... DEAD RiSiNG 2....BULLY, DRiVER S.F.... As you can see my choices go on and on and on,... but not much is happenin' ! I feel I'm on the wrong track sometimes...

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Off-Topic » Lost World Discovered in New Guinea

I came across an article today that scientists have found a "lost world" in a dormant volcano in New Guinea. They climbed down a kilo-meter deep crater and discovered over 40 previously unidentified species living in the remote rain forest. Some of the new species includes; a camouflaged gecko, a fanged frog and a fish called the Henamo grunter, named because it makes grunting noises from its swim bladder, a new rat that may be the biggest rat in the world. It always amazes me to see that there are still some natural mysteries in this world. I absolutely love seeing places that mankind has not destroyed, nor inhabit.

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Off-Topic » I was considering getting a PS3...

I was thinking of getting a PS3 in the near future, however there are some questions I needed answering before I do: 1: I'm aware that I can play some import PS3 games, but can I also play imported PS2&1 games on it? 2: Can I save PS2&1 data to the PS3 Hard Drive? 3: Which is better, the $300 320GB "Slim" Bundle, or a $270-280 250GB "Super Slim" Bundle? 4: About what would you say the odds are that the PS4 will be announced within the next two E3s and have one or more of the following: poor backwards compatibility, reigon protection, online play fee, $700+ price tag?

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