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"Body of a Machine and Spirit of a Samurai"
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The Cyborg himself
The Cyborg himself

Some say that he his just a man in robotic suit like some other people but others know that the suit is his body well most of his body to say at least. The robotic has many secrets but a lot of them he does not know himself but one of the things that he does know that he has a lot of work a head of him if he wants to help out the world and himself form whatever he faces. He has dream to become one of the best swordsmen in the world.


His history his one that he doesn't remember but one that he wish to figure out but one he needs to make for himself .There are sometimes it is best to find the future but there are times that he might need some help with this task and finding people who would help out will be his biggest allies or friends .He might not know where is his from but he knows where he could start form.

The farthest he could remembers waking up in a lab with people in white lab coat surrounding him and studying him for some reason but he was able to break out of the holding cell after a while and was able to get out of the labs but having no memory of who he is all he could remember is something called project Sawyer and decided to take the name of Sawyer.

One of his first task is to look for people that need help and he found the person he would want to meet. The chance to help out came in with Anthony Stark also knows as Peak. He was forming a team of super powered beings to fight evil and to protect the world. His meeting with Stark started what he would think of is the starting point of his new life as a Cyborg hero and as a swordsmen.

His first task was to meet up with the other Enforcers , which is the team of super powered beings that Stark was forming to do this task .When he saw who was in this group he saw what looks like a group of outcasts and people who either want to better themselves or others. What he did not expect is that the Enforcers were going to do, that is to invade a country. He never imagined he would invade a country but form what he heard the reason why for this he knows it would make the Enforcers one of the most dangerous people on the planet.

After the events in Venezuela and what happen to the attack force that was sent into there made a lot of the Enforcers a little broken inside. He meet with a couple of strange people in the Enforcers that now he would consider a friend. One of them is Albert Donner he is Stark Bodyguard and what he seems a brilliant person but he may not be human because of his encounter with him getting his new upgrade. The scientist that came along with the Venezuela event was a young doctor by the name Aaron Palmer which is another smart man and has dream of what of a hero should but all that changed with Venezuela. The next is a strange being that goes by the name of Leon. Form what he can tell and what Leon had told him he is half vampire demon that is very old compare to him. He had joined Leon on a walk around new York and went to a restaurant and fought each in a gym. Lately Leon and himself went to Romania to stop the Hunters there.


His personality is one of both stoic personality and using some of the tenets of Bushido in his new philosophy and due to is robotic nature he might seem distance and cold in some cases.


He is white skin with one robotic eye and one regular eye. His robotic eye is red while the other one is blue. He has white hair and no facial hair at all. Although he is 80 percent machine he got an upgrade which allows him to be normal looking while being cyborg. He usually wears a suit and black leather gloves and sometimes wears white leather jacket and matching pants. He does wear sunglasses in his casual appearance.Although he my look like this but he could change his appearance like his eyes and hair color.


Sawyer's abilities and implants have a certain style to them and that style is being quick and being sharp.His body is made up of 80 percent machine.His head has a couple implants in it one is the computer mind install in his brain and his left eye is robotic .The left eye can a laser which can cut thought any earth metal.The left eye can also used to scan things,and can cycle thought different vision like heat or night vision.

The Cyborg body that Sawyer has in him gives him superhuman strength and speed .The strength that he can carrier around 80 tons and use that strength in any situation that requires that strength.

The superhuman speed that Sawyer possess is extremely fast but it does have it's limits.He can run on the side of builds using speed that he generates over a certain amount of time.

His body itself is made of a metal called adamatium and artificial muscle fibers that allow him move and yet be durable.His body is covered by a artificial skin but still some of his cybernetics skill show.

In this cybernetic body Sawyer has the ability to absorb and discharged electricity.

Swords of the Cyborg

When trying to train for himself to be a better swordsman he need to have a better sword. His current sword is a five foot blade that he can extend out his arm .His current blade is made of the same metal that his shell is made after .He is planning to make another sword one that can fit him as a cyborg. This new sword will be one that is more straight forward for attacking and have some tricks in in.The blade of the new sword is red with the blade unlike his old one which he uses for now and maybe as a back up just in case.

When in training to use a sword instead he uses a long wooden stick that was form a broom as a training tool for himself to be a better swordsmen. The sword in the hands of a normal is weapon that can be used for a lot of things but in the hands of someone like Sawyer it is a weapon of both justice and vengeance if needed.

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