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In my childhood, i used to watch many anime like the Pokemon, Digimon, dragon ball and those which used to be telecast at that time. But as the time passed and i grew older, i started moving away from cartoons, comics and anime series. Soon they became history and i considered them as things which i'll always miss after childhood. Whenever my parents saw me watching cartoon channels, they used to comment "being at the extreme side of teenage, you still watch these ? Now grow up !!". I started agreeing to them and stopped even thinking about them.

But when i entered my High School, things changed unexpectedly. I made friend with a boy who was an Otakus (anime lover). At first, i liked his hobby, but never show my intension to watch animations again. One day, we were having a night out to his place and he showed as an anime.... just 1-2 episodes of To Love- RU. It was a nice comedy. I along with my other friends loved it. But still we considered it as good thing, but nothing to give your heart into it. 

Later, within few months, I became very good friend of his. Or rather we became the best buddies in the class. I used to visit his house frequently. He used to tell me about various anime stories and things related to it. I showed interest too because of two reasons. One because he was my best friend, so i never stopped him in sharing his interest and the second and most important, because i liked the stories, the concepts, the themes and the huge imaginations involved. Soon, he made to watch a anime. He said that he is damn sure that my perspective for anime would change, once i see it. I agreed.

One day, i along with one more friend of mine were sitting in his house when he made us to see 2 episodes of an anime. It was called Death Note. I liked the name. We viewed just 2 episodes and it was seriously mind boggling. It was not at all a child's interest. It could fail, many movies in the diversity of concept and imagination. I dont know about the other guy, who was with me, but the concept of anime changed for me completely. I viewed many anime after that like Slam Dunk, Eden of the East, Code Geass... and the more i watched them, the more i gave my heart into it. Today i have watched plenty of anime and read few manga too. I totally know what anime means and what it feels like being an anime lover. No one could tell about it, until and unless they have watched one by themselves.

Presently, watching anime is one of top hobbies and all credit goes to tyson. Thank you mate, for bringing me into this... :)
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