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One Piece Wiki Work (Characters/Concepts)

The following list details the character or location pages for One Piece that I have have either edited, added information to, or submitted images for. (NOTE: LISTED IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE IN ANIME TIMELINE)


Wish me luck!

List goes in the following order:

1. Characters
2. Locations
3. Concepts

4. Things/Objects

1. Coby

Added format changes

2. Alvida

Added format, basic info

3. Captain Morgan

Added basic format, all information relevant to page

4. Helmeppo

Added basic format, working on rest of page

5. Buggy

Added format, Added Origin, Creation, and some of the Arcs that Buggy has involvement in (including Little Buggy Arc)

6. Jango

Added format, basic info

7. Captain Kuro

Added format, basic info

8. Gaimon

Added basic info, format

9. Johnny

Added format, basic info

10. Yosaku

Added basic format, information

11. Patty

Added format, basic info

12. Zeff

Added basic info, format

13. Fullbody

Added format, basic info

14. Don Krieg

Added format, Added Origin, Creation, and Arc involved (Baratie Arc).

15. Dracule Mihawk

Added format, moved existing content around to fit new format.

16. Arlong

Slight format changes + info

17. Smoker

Added format, minor info

18. Nefertari Vivi

Added format, Origin, Creation, and Arc information (Baroque Works Saga: Whiskey Peak thru Alabasta Arcs)

19. Wapol

Added format, basic info, and Arc information (Baroque Works Saga: Drum Island Arc)

20. Bon Clay

Slight format changes + info

21. Mr. 3

Added format, basic info

22. Miss Goldenweek

Added format and basic info (Arcs)

23. Broggy

Added format and basic info

24. Dorry

Added format and basic info

25. Sir Crocodile

Added Creation and small info

26. Hina

Added format, basic info

27. Bellamy

Added format, basic info

28. Montblanc Cricket

Added format, basic info

29. Montblanc Noland

Added framework, basic info

30. Enel

Added format, basic info (tweaked info already there)

31. Spandam

Added format, basic info

32. Oars

Added format, basic info, arc start

33. Duval

Minor format changes

34. Motobaro

Added format and minor details

35. Boa Marigold

Added basic format and info

36. Boa Sandersonia

Added format, basic info

37. Shell Town

Added format, basic info, arc

38. Orange Town

Added format, basic info

39. Syrup Village

Added format, basic info

40. Baratie

Added format, basic info, and some Arc infomation (Baratie Arc)

41. Arlong Park

Added format, basic info

42. Loguetown

Added format, basic info

43. Warship Island

Added format, basic info

44. Reverse Mountain

Added format, basic info

45. Whiskey Peak

Added format and info

46. Little Garden

Added format and minor info

47. Drum Island

Added format, basic info, arcs

48. Alabasta

Added format and other info (Arc Involvement)

49. Jaya

Added format, basic info

50. Skypiea

Added format, basic info

takashichea moderator on July 13, 2012 at 12:10 a.m.

Keep up the great work on the One Piece wiki work, ShadowKnight508!

I believe in you! Do your best!
I believe in you! Do your best!
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