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Been busy the past week or so, which means I am hardly on here over that span of time. Will try to be on here more often
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FanimeCon 2011 Banner
FanimeCon 2011 Banner
The excitement of attending FanimeCon 2011 tomorrow at San Jose has been building up over the past couple of weeks, since I first purchased tickets for the AMTRAK trains all the way to tonight, when I wrapped up packing for the morning tomorrow. I hope to accomplish three things while at FanimeCon, and they are listed below:

1. Attend FanimeCon and enjoy myself
2. Attend the cosplay gatherings that I have arranged to take photos for (and conduct interviews with cosplayers)
3. Take a heap of great Cosplay photos for both my DeviantArt and AnimeVice profiles.

Everything is packed, all electronics are charged, and thus at 2:40 AM tomorrow (PST), my journey begins. I look forward to when I return, my fellow AnimeVice members, so that I can submit my feature article on Cosplaying at FanimeCon, a feature on the Con itself, and upload as many photos as my computer will tolerate.

It is with this that I bid you farewell....may we meet again, next Monday!
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