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I was crunching the numbers of the top-10 users on the Wiki Points list of the Users section of AnimeVice this morning, and I was amazed at the total amount of points that those top-10 scorers have amassed when you combine their points. Below is the current scores (as of when I post this):

  • FoxFireArt: 583,887
  • Obsidian609: 470,688
  • Juuhachi: 179,073
  • Takashichea: 145,224
  • Gia: 134,955
  • Kas: 125,007
  • AnnaBanana: 120,740
  • Devilly: 116,620
  • sickVisionz: 116,351
  • RedRoses: 101,138

Using my calculator program on my iMac, I crunched the numbers and came out with a staggering number: 2,138,683 Points! Even with several members on that list not being active on the Vice anymore (such as Gia, who left to do her own anime site and then went to ANN), that total is nothing short of impressive.

Now that is a lot of points!
Now that is a lot of points!

Now, I know that this is a random blog by my standards, but that is some amazing numbers that these AV members have achieved since 2008!

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