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Docomo Announces New Limited Edition Cell Phone That Utilizes JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Theme + Extras Included

Several years ago, Docomo enjoyed a successful partnership with Evangelion by releasing a limited edition phone based on the classic anime franchise. Now they have their sights set upon another classic franchise, which will see a rebirth of sorts later this year when it gets not only a new anime series, but a new PS3 game as well. Teaming up with the creative minds behind the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise, Docomo announced that they are releasing another limited edition cellphone, this time featuring content from the JoJo franchise. With only 15,000 units being shipped, here are some of the special features you get with this phone:

  • Original Cover Design, Signed by JoJo Illustrator Hirohiko Araki
  • Original Wallpapers and Special Themes
  • A Special Full-Color E-Book Edition featuring Volumes One Through Twelve of the JoJo Manga
  • and other things listed on the stories original link (seen below)

The full story can be found below the image of the phone (All Rights to SGcafe):

Preview of the Limited Edition Docomo L-06D Optimus JoJo Phone
Preview of the Limited Edition Docomo L-06D Optimus JoJo Phone

Full Story Link:

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