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My Work: Maid Bride

The following list is the pages that I have created for the Maid Bride manga. The main page, all of the character pages, and the manga page are currently finished.

(NOTE: This list will be updated whenever I complete a page or make a new page for the franchise.)

1. Maid Bride

The main page for the Maid Bride manga. Mostly complete, will be done when I have created all of the character pages. Current point total: 4,282 Points.

2. Akira Midorikawa

The main female character of the main story from the Maid Bride manga. Moves in as a "live-in" maid for her neighbor Kubota Arutarou and eventually becomes involved with him sexually. 100% complete with 2,500+ points

3. Kubota Arutarou

As mentioned above, hires Akira to be his "live-in" maid at his apartment. Having always fantasied about being with a maid, he becomes sexually intimate with Akira, unable to restrain himself from loving her. By the end of their story, they have become a couple that loves each other. 100% complete with 2,400+ points.

4. White Princess

The beautiful Princess that is forced to become Zande's sexual plaything when he blackmails her with the news that he alone can cure the horrible disease that threatens to kill her mother, the Queen. Slowly has her pride broken by him until she is nothing but a sex-craving woman. Just completed with 643 Points.

5. Staff Officer Zande

The cruel, heartless man who makes the Queen gravely ill with a terrible disease, he blackmails the Princess into becoming his sex slave for if she refuses, he will not give the Queen the cure to help her survive. Completed with 729 Points.

6. Yuuko

A lonely, air-headed teacher at the High School she teaches at, Yuuko becomes involved with one of her students after a series of embarrassing events involving her breasts/nipples showing through her shirt in front of the class. When Kishita confesses his feelings to her, she has sex with him and they become a quasi-couple. Completed with 743 Points.

7. Kishita

The student that harbors strong feelings for his sensei Yuuko, Kishita falls in love with her and confesses his feelings to her. Completed with 800+ Points.

8. Yuuki

A shy, timid girl that spends her days inside living out her hardcore otaku lifestyle in private, much to the irritation of her current boyfriend. This page is now finished with roughly 750 points.

9. Hosokawa Hazuki

The girlfriend of one Takayuki, Hosokawa keeps a major secret from him regarding her breasts (which are small and she has used foam inserts to make him believe that she had E-cups. Completed with roughly 800 points (will add images after bug issue is resolved)

10. Takayuki

The boyfriend of one Hosokawa Hazuki. He has been dating her for two years, and longs for the day in which she will allow him to fondle her massive breasts. Completed with roughly 800 or so points.

11. Bocchama

The perverted son of a wealthy family, he is constantly harassing the "moe" maids that his parents hire to work at the mansion. He gets sexually involved with his caretaker/maid Tsuneko when she goes for the "moe-maid" look and he falls in love with her. Completed with 1,000+ Points

12. Tsuneko

The maid and caretaker of young master Bocchama, Tsuneko is constantly having to protect the maids at the mansion from his perverted advances upon them. She adopts a new "moe-maid" look and falls in love with Bocchama. Completed with 1,000+ Points.

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